Friday, October 13, 2017

Tails From Rainbow Bridge: For our Hero Michele Kenny

Being sick is a terrible thing.  I was not sick long during my life but when I became ill it was brutish and short.  Cancer hit me hard and swept me from the mortal world without a fight. I have had many friends who have battled this insidious illness, but there is one person who has fought like a superhero.
Michelle Kenney is the owner of four beautiful little dogs who she has provided a perfectly loving home for.  She is a dear friend who has delighted my mom, as well as hundreds of other women, with her spirit and humor.  She is also a superhero who has fought the arch-villain known as cancer harder and longer than anyone I know.
The cancer has come and gone so many time I have lost count.  We have rejoiced when it went it remission and cried when it inevitably returned.  We were overjoyed at her wedding, her trips to the beach house, the renewal of her vows, and commiserated as the treatments ravaged her body.
No matter how many times she was knocked down, she has arisen stronger than ever.  It was like watching your favorite boxer in the ring getting hit over and over the slammed onto the mat, and you just wanted her to stay down, but she kept rising over and over until all you could do was marvel at her perseverance.  
During this fight, she has taught so many lessons to her loving friends.  When her health was in a downward spiral, she has met it with determination, humor and an indomitable spirit.  Her friends were living their own lives, encountering the dozens of small aggravations that happen daily, and being angered by them.  But inside of them is Michelle, who battled life’s biggest opponent, and never let it get her down.  How could a flat tire, or a broken computer, or a rainy day, compare to that?  She has put a light in every single one of her friends:  A light that signals to calm down do not get upset, someone is going through worse, and dealing with it better.  That light will never be extinguished.
Sometimes our parents have trouble saying things, but I have always been very verbose, so I will speak for them.  To Michelle:  Thank you for the love, the strength, the spirit, the light, the humor, for showing us how to be brave, for showing us how to fight, for reminding us what is important, for, through your actions, teaching us never to give up.  Thank you for sharing your beautiful life with us.  Thank you for being Michelle Kenney.  The world is a better place because of you.
We know you have a hard fight in front of you, but we are all behind you, we believe in you, and if there is a soul on this Earth who can win this fight, it is you.
You are a superhero, a rock star, and our hero.  You have an army of prayers behind you.
Now kick some cancer ass.


  1. Your friend sounds like a very special woman
    Hazel & Mabel

  2. A true lady warrior. What a lesson she teaches all of us. Prayers for this grand lady. Beautifully written.

  3. Our very best purrs and prayers from all of us here.

  4. An inspiration, thank you for bringing her to us. Cancer sucks

  5. We're so sad to hear your indomitable friend is sick with the big C again. She is certainly an inspiration to everyone! From what you said, she will surely win again!

  6. We know your friend will be so appreciative of your wonderful words and thoughts. All our best to her as well.

    Woos- Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  7. Her strength is just unbelievable. Lifting Michelle in prayer. Prayers going up and blessings will come down. Michelle keep fighting girl! xo much love -Lisa