Friday, October 27, 2017

Pocket's Endless Summer

October completely passed us by.  The month is nearly over, and we still have leaves on our trees, although they have turned their bright colors on to make themselves pretty, the cold air has only visited us a couple of times, and some of the perennials in our gardens are still in bloom.
I am jubilant about this.  I love our garden days.  River and I are snuggled together in our buggy.  Everything smells very fresh and when the ground is turned over the scent is heavenly.  Not to mention how good the flowers smell.  We have wished for an endless summer for a long time.
My Dad has extended the garden on the other side of the driveway to be as long as the driveway and mulched it.  I am a big fan of mulch.  I would much rather do my business on mulch or stone, so my feet don’t get wet.  I also like to poop in the driveway of our neighbor’s at 101 but don’t tell them.  I don’t think they would appreciate it.
Even though I am not a fan of walking on the grass, I do enjoy looking at it.  Usually, at this time of year, the grass begins to fade, but it is still a bright green and thick.  River likes to bury her face in the grass and try to smell the middle earth.  She enjoys how the grass tickles her nose.
When my Dad was a kid, by this time of year, it was cold, and all the leaves were off the trees.  He, his father, and his sister would shove leaves into a shirt, pants, and a pumpkin head to create a man they called George.  He would sit on their steps scaring small children until it snowed.  Now George would still be in his box in the cellar, his stuffing stuck to the trees.
River and I walk at night.  We started doing it in the summer because it was cooler but we have continued doing it because there aren’t any white walkers to bark at.  Every night has been comfortable, and we haven’t been cold a bit.  Best of all none of our walks have been cut short due to shivering.
I have been after my mom to put our garden pictures on social media but she hasn’t wanted to do it, so I am doing it today, to be part of our Blogger friend Dory’s Flower Friday (thank you for switching blogs days with me Foley) and so everyone can see the gardens River, and I designed and my parents worked on so hard.  The summer pictures are at the top followed by the fall pictures.
I hope you enjoy them and our endless summer continues.


  1. Your garden areas are totally beautiful and I wish we had something like that!

  2. Wow, you two have done a wonderful job designing those gardens and your peeps have followed your directions beautifully. Your gardens are perfect and you should feel proud.

  3. What a lovely doggie bathroom you have. Why would you use a driveway?

  4. Wow, your gardens are so lovely. We had a fairly mild October too - Indian summer:) But it sure did change today. We haven't been above 42 today and we will have our first freeze tonight. One of the grandbipeds has two baseball games in the morning - brrrrrr!!! But we love the cold - snow must be just around the corner.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  5. We really love your beautiful gardens. Your peeps must work hard to keep them so pretty.
    Hazel & Mabel

  6. What a nice garden! We used to go for walks at night too, especially in the Fall. Eight years ago, there were three of us doggies, Miss Ginger, Joey dog, and me, and we'd all go together. What fun that was! Maybe when ghostwriter's knee gets all healed up, we'll start going on these walks again.
    Have fun on your walks!