Thursday, October 5, 2017

The Scarett Y by River Song

My Mommy does an incredible job taking care of us.  She inspects every inch of our bodies.  So it was not surprising that she was mad at herself when the groomer told her that I had another ear infection.  Since I got my last infection 12 months ago, Mommy checks my ears after every bath, which happen too frequently.  Two weeks before the grooming she checked and sniffed, and my ears were fine.

When Mommy went to the groomers, she expected to get glowing reports about her own grooming skills.  Instead, the woman handed me over the counter to Mommy, wrinkled her nose in distaste and said “yeast.”

My mother could not believe it was true.  “You must be mistaken; I take such care of her ears.”  The groomer grabbed my ear, pulled it back, and with her other hand she took Mommy’s head, shoved it down to my ear and told her to sniff.  

The woman let go of Mommy’s head.  She looked at the groomer, softly admitted “yeast” and slunk out the door.

The next morning Mommy asked my Dad to call the vet. She did not want to be shamed by having a wear on her clothing a giant Y  for yeast on her dress and be shunned in public.  The last time I had an infection our old vet gave me a thorough examination and charged $150.00.  Who knew what this vet would charge for a second offense?

The vet tech told Daddy that she would check my records.  She called back and told him that he could come in and pick up medicine for me.  Since I had a full examination two months earlier another one was not needed.  Mommy and I both sighed in relief.

When Daddy picked up the medicine, the vet tech told him that she thought it was a seasonal allergy and was not anyone’s fault.  That made Mommy feel better.  As hard as Mom’s try they cannot stop an allergy.

So for the next two weeks, I get drops which I don’t like, and ear rubs, which I like a lot.  I have not been in pain, so this entire incident has been more something I have witnessed then taken a part of.   

I just want the yeast out of my ears to make my Mom happy and to make sure she never has to wear a big Y.


  1. Oh, I feel for you River Song! You knows I gots the ear problems, so I knows what you are going through! And tells your Moms that my Ma feels her pain. Thank DoG the vettie didn't makes you go in ~ that's not funs for anybody!
    Gets your ears better, butts MILK IT! PRETEND it bothers you so you can gets extra treaties and scritches! ☺
    Ruby ♥

  2. I hope the meds will do the trick... the mama felt the same as the vet said my ears are infected... we use vetericyn now and even when the vet will not believe that it has magic powers, I always got good news for my ears by now...

  3. Oh dear I'm sorry to hear about the infection :(
    I know how you feel though because I get eye infections all the time! But please tell your mum not to be so hard on herself - I'm sure she takes the best care of you!
    Hopefully those drops will work quickly, and even better I hope you get lots of treats to go with those meds!!
    Lots of licks, your good friend Morrie :)

  4. Sebastian gets ear infections too. Mom cleans all our ears every weekend but still that boy manages to get infections. He has other allergy problems too so we don't think anyone is to blame.

  5. You guys are so pampered that no one will ever wear a Y because of you.

  6. We hope your ear feels better soon. We cocker spaniels know all about ear infections. Ghostwriter thinks that all those ear cleaning products do more harm than good.

  7. Rats, that does not sound like any fun at all! We hope it clears up fast!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  8. One cause of yeast infections is actually dog foods. Specifically, grain free dogs that contain a lot of potatoes. I have a collie who got a yeast infection on her paw pads when we fed a high quality dog food, that just had too many potatoes in their ingredients.

  9. Sometimes that stuff just happens despite the great care our peeps give us. Glad you did not have to go in to the dogtor
    Hazel & Mabel

  10. Allergies are not fun. We hope your ears get better, but enjoy those ear rubs as long as you can.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  11. Hope your mum got a note from the vet that she can show the groomer saying it wasn't her fault! Anyway, we're happy it was found and you're getting some relief before it gets too bad.

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