Sunday, April 1, 2018

April 1, 2018 Pups of the Week: Linky, Dylan and the Best Birthday Gift Ever

You have to be patient to be a dog, even at Rainbow Bridge.  We have to wait for our parents, and sometimes we have to wait for the right dog.

Linky came to Rainbow Bridge during the Christmas season of 2015.  He is Lily’s big brother. Lily was the face of her pack. She was the one to bark while Linky stayed in the background.  But in their mom’s heart, they were equal, and it broke when Linky crossed the River of Life.

As soon as he arrived Linky was sure what his mother needed was a new male pup to live with his two sisters Lily and Lalia.  For more than two years Linky interviewed replacements, but he could never find the right one. At times he would become discouraged, and we gave him a pep talk.  He got right back to work. No matter how long it took, he swore he would make sure there was a little boy in his mom’s life.

Let me divert by telling you a quick story.  When Daddy married Mommy, she had two daughters and a son.  Daddy found out in a hurry it takes a special kind of male to move into a house with three females. So Linky didn’t just have to find a boy, he had to find a very special boy, and doing that can take more than two years.

Linky came running down a hill last week loudly barking his head off.  “I found him, I finally found him!” he shouted. He showed us a picture of the cutest little Maltese I have ever seen.  “He is perfect,” Linky said. “He is kind and patient, and I know my Mom will love him, and my sister will at least tolerate him.  Now I have to slip into my mommy’s dreams and tell her about him.

The timing could not have been better.  It was his Mom’s birthday. That was the day the little Dylan came into her life, the new man of the house.  We have all wanted to give the perfect birthday gift to our Mom, but Linky was able to do it. A little, fluffy, white ball of love.

Linky may not have had a loud voice on the mortal side of the Bridge, but he does on the immortal side where his bark was loud enough to find a puppy a wonderful home.

Congratulations to  Dylan, you could not have a better home, and congratulations to Linky for the best across the River birthday gift ever.  


  1. That was a most wonderful gift, way to go Linky, ya done good!

  2. How we would love to find a nice little brother like Dylan in our Easter basket. Well done, Linky.

    Happy Easter, friends, from all of us.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty and Timber

  3. oooh how I wish to find a brother in my easter basket.... but maybe it happens too when I have my birthday ?

  4. What a beautiful Easter story