Monday, August 6, 2018

Monday Question

Having you gone through training classes?  Do you respond to voice or verbal commands?

Pocket:   No training for me and boy does it show.  If I was a big dog I would be trouble.

River Song:  I got trained at Petco.  It was great. I was trained all alone and everyone in the store played with me.  Later on we found out I was trained by someone in grooming and not a real trainer.  But I am still good. I respond to voice commands.


  1. We are just well behaved without training but we do better around trained humans.
    Misty and my minions

  2. Easy once went to a training class... butt the mighty fine ladies there feared for their handbag sized pups, so the mama had to do everything alone and separated... and it was more a place for people than for dogs, so the mama gave it up. We think we will go to oxford once to dog-torate, with all that weim-wisdom inside, we have to, right?

  3. Errrr, I am a PRINCESS...I TRAIN others, like my staff to do what I want! although I can be tempted with a TREAT to do the SIT command...but ONLY if there is a TREAT involved
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  4. Oh yes. We've all had training and some of us have even competed in obedience trials. Fudge has a title. Mom practices with us when we have our snacks and we do both voice and hand signals.

  5. Yes, there is an ongoing training class, the Dad is a slow learner!

  6. Rosy and Arty are trained and both respond(most of the time) to voice commands and hand signals....Jakey well, sometimes he will beg for a treat ;-)

  7. I never had a formal education. I will usually sit when yum yums are imminent, and come when called if I'm not too busy following a scent or barking at someone. I know how to make funny faces for the camera, and how to stalk a squirrel. Most of the time I will obey "stay" and "leave it." Hey, that't enough, isn't it?

  8. Hazel is retired from training classes but I go usually at least 3 times a week to either class or just open practice and mom & I practice at home too