Friday, August 24, 2018

Summer Brings Music Into her Mom's LIfe

When Summer came to Rainbow Bridge, we knew we would not be seeing her much because she was going to be spending her days at her lake watching over her momma and her house as an angel.   Little did we know she wasn’t at the pond but working overtime to find her parents a new dog to love.

Summer knew she not only needed a dog which her mom would cherish but one who deserved it.  Summer was searching for an unrescued dog who would appreciate the attention, the toys, the love, and most of all Lake Lutgen that sits on the family property.

Summer decided to start her search in nearby St. Louis.  After interviewing several dogs, she saw one who was not on her list, a pittie dutifully looking after the other dogs.

Summer approached the dog and said she was interviewing pups to be her new mom’s heart baby. The pittie smiled and said thank you, but she had been in the shelter for a year and had given up on ever finding a forever home.  Her job was to comfort the new dogs who arrived at the shelter and ease their transition until they found their forever home.

“I have seen many dogs come and go and I am so happy for all of them,” the pittie said.  “If I can’t be one then I am thrilled to help the other dogs become one.”
Summer knew this was the dog for her mom.

“Would you like to have a forever home with the best mom in the world?” Summer asked.  

The pittie demurred.  “It has been so long since I have been in a home I wouldn’t know what to do with myself.”  Summer told the pittie that she would be there to help her, but Summer was sure the dog would have no problem adjusting to living in a house, especially with her mom.

That night Summer went into her mom’s dreams and whispered to her about the pittie in the St. Louis shelter.  That morning Momma Debra knew she needed to go to the shelter to see this dog.

The next morning Summer was back with the pittie as her mom was traveling to the rescue.  Summer told the that all she needed to do was be herself.  The pittie said being herself had never gotten her adopted before, but she would try.  Then Momma Debra walked in.  “She is beautiful,” the pittie said, and Momma Debra said the same about the pittie.  Summer knew her work was done.  She faded to the back of the enclosure and watched when Mama Debra took her new baby, now named Music, for her freedom ride to her forever home.

It was a bittersweet moment for Summer.  She had never seen her mom love another dog before.  She was so happy for both of them.  She had done an Angel’s duty and found a dog who would love her mom, and her mom would love back.  But a part of Summer wished it was her sitting next to her mom in the car, and part of her mom wished the same.

But those thoughts quickly washed away.  The new had begun, and, while Summer would never be forgotten for a single second, it was time for Momma Debra to give Music a fantastic life and for Music to find more love in one glimpse from her mom than she had ever felt in her lifetime. 

Soon Music was at her forever home, playing with toys, getting love, looking over Lake Lutgen, while Summer was at the Bridge, looking in the water, seeing Music and her mom playing, and, with a tear in her eye, Summer felt a beautiful sense of accomplishment as both Music and Momma Debra smiled and laughed.

And then Summer smiled and began laughing a deep rich laugh. She put her paw on the water where Music and Momma Debra were shown; then Summer ran off into the hills to have an awesome adventure of her own.


  1. This is so sweet! Thank you Judge Foley for sharing this story with us!

  2. The bittersweetness of becoming an Angel and sending a new furry to the peeps. Summer, you did very well.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  3. Oh God you made me cry again. So beautiful.xo

  4. What a great story. Music deserved a family as wonderful as she is.

  5. Bittersweet yet beautiful
    Hazel & Mabel

  6. Bravo Summer, you did such a great job for Music and your Mom!


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