Sunday, March 3, 2019

Liqo is the March 3, 2019 Pup of the Week

I always love meeting new dogs.  But sadly I know when I meet a new dog it means someone has lost a part of their family they loved very much.  

The new arrival is often confused. He is experiencing the worst time of his existence.  Just minutes before he was with those he loved the most. The next thing he knows he is running across the Bridge and up the stairs where he is greeted by a pretty and wise Yorkie who informs them that he has left their parents and become part of the immortal world.   

I would like to share my experiences in meeting a cute little dachshund named Liqo.  All he knew as he bound up the steps towards me was that all the pains that had bothered him recently had disappeared.  He had not felt this youthful in years. But he was a smart dog and knew there was a catch. It was Catch 42. If you wanted to be free of your physical pain, you need to pass over the Bridge, but by passing over, you leave your loved ones in even worse pain.  It's a heck of a catch.

When I informed Liqo that he was now at Rainbow Bridge, he became very concerned. He'd been in pain, and he prayed for it to go away.  “Did I do this? Am I the reason I left my parents?” he cried.

I told him he hadn't.  “Every soul is born with a predetermined amount of heartbeats,” I explained.  “Some squander theirs, some beg, borrow, and plead to get more, but that number of heartbeats always catches up with you.”

Liqo then saw the humans, pets, and other souls who had gone to the Bridge before him running towards us.  Liqo joyfully ran to them. There was much barking and hugging between them.

These angels knew that Liqo was coming and they began to perform two of their sacred duties.  They needed to make Liqo happy and content, while he waited for that day, way in the future when his parents would arrive, and he needed to learn how to spirit visit his family as a small flying creature, and in their dreams.  

Liqo also learned how to watch over his parents.  New angels need to see their parents within a day of arrival. They have to be reassured that their parents are still safe. I showed Liqo how to see his parents in the River of Life which separates the mortal and immortal worlds.  Liqo put his hand in the water trying to touch them. He told me his mom was the most beautiful woman in the world. I told him I agreed. All our moms are the most beautiful in the world.

I went to visit him once he settled into a home that looked much like his parents’ house.  He told me he was from South Africa. I had never met a dog from there before. I asked him what it was like living there and he said fantastic. He began to describe it. I smiled.  Like all dogs, he mostly talked about his house, yard, walk area, and the places he and his parents had shared. All dogs are the same. They may live in the most exotic regions. But when asked to describe it every place sounds the same.  Home, yard and parents. That's a dog's world and all we need.  

Liqo is living a productive, full, life at the Bridge now.  He still has moments of sadness because he misses his parents very much.  But we all do, and we try to visit one another often to help us get over those rough spots.

He also knows his parents are the best dog parents in the world.  He knows it is painful for them to think of getting another dog. But there is some pup out there worthy of their excellent home.  Liqo is sniffing out that new dog now. When he finds it, he will slip into his parents to tell them it's time for them to find another dog and start rebuilding at their hearts.

Liqo knew his parents thought he was a perfect dog.  He tried to live up to their expectations. And now he's trying to be the perfect angel for them. I am sure he will succeed.


  1. I bet he'll be a perfect angel too.

  2. I'm sure he sure was the pawfect dog... and he will be as pawfect as all our beloved angels are...

  3. It is so great they have you to help them.

  4. That sweetie will make the right choice for his parents at the right time.

  5. Yes, a perfect angel
    Hazel & Mabel

  6. Angel Foley, what a wonderful blog. We love dachshunds!


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