Monday, March 4, 2019

Monday Question

How did you come to live with your parents?
Pocket:  I was born a couple of miles away from where my parents live.  They heard I was available and they drove to get me.  My birth mom lost her husband to cancer.  Her Yorkies weren't fixed and when Birth Mom was otherwise occupied they made little Yorkie including me.  
River:  I was born into a family of champion Griffons.  My birth mom wanted me to be a breeding dog.  I did not take to being a mom and my litter did not survive.  My birth mom knew I needed my own home.  Mommy's groomer knew Mommy was looking for a dog after Foley passed and she told Mommy about the little breeding dog.  Mommy said she would take her.  The groomer flew down to Florida because she was breeding her male dog with one of my sisters.  When she flew home she brought me and here I am.


  1. Misty: I was the darling of a rich lady who got tired of me after a year and went to Europe. She gave me to her sister who already had three dogs. She knew my mama was looking for a dog and would never get tired of me. Or go to Europe.

  2. Da Phenny is from a breeder far away and he had a lot of luck that the mama picked him and not the sphinx cat she fell in love with... and me, da Nelly is from far far far away, next to da swiss&italian border and the mama said an emergency case knows no miles nor distance, she just had to bring me home, no matter what...

  3. Me and Brinley came from the same breeder in Ohio (we are actually cousins!) - she's a westie show breeder and had 3 litters at once (17 puppies!) My momma had lost Whitley and wuz sad and missing her, so she and her momma decided to get puppies together. We met our new mommas and got on a plane with em to come to Texas.

  4. I was a Christmas present to my Jessy human from her boyfriend, whom she then broke up with. She moved into a new apartment, but couldn't take me with her. So I came to stay with ghostwriter and dad and have been here ever since.

  5. Tess, Lola, Norma Jean and Noah were born here in the library. Samba was their mama and Fudge was their daddy. Mom and Dad delivered them and they've never had a different home.

    Sebastian was a lost dog that came into our yard tired and hungry. Mom and Dad brought him in and helped him recover. They tried to find his family but nobody was looking for him so he stayed with us.

    Dad brought Sydney and Mackey home as a surprise for Mom because she was so sad. She missed Samba and Sky and puppies always make her happy.

  6. We all came from very reputable breeders. Lightning came from a very nice lady in Iowa - Mom thinks she has been very sick and is no longer breeding. Timber and Misty came from the same breeder in Missouri - this family was there for us when we lost our Angel Ciara - and it all worked out beautifully.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  7. I was born on a Christmas Tree Farm and was captured by some humans who took me to Kitty Action Team. Eventually my Mama found me and the Dad came and brought me home.

  8. This is so enjoyable, reading about everyone's beginnings. The Mom

    Lucy: I was here first. Mom says God gave me to her to start to heal her heart from losing Lexi. Mom got me from Food Lion. Dad said I was in the aisle by the peanut butter. Silly Dad.

    Xena: Lexi's breeder knew what Mom wanted in a schnauzer and that neither of her upcoming litters would be right for her, so she gave Mom my Granny's info. Mom drove 3 hours the next day to see if any of the puppies Granny had would be right for her, and Granny, knowing Lexi by reputation, had already picked me out for her. Mommy looked at all the puppies, then chose me.

  9. Well....Bella and Dui were planned dogs. BOL! Bella was destined to be a mama, but she(her mum and brother) developed demodectic mange. That was the end of that breeding line. So Bella, after a long car ride around the state, arrived with sheep dip to take every day. the mange cleared up and there hasn't been a repeat in 10 years.

    Dui, arrived by plane as a puppy.

    And Roxy was a rescue pup. Found on the Petrescue site. She was about a 5-hour's drive away so the Foster Mother brought her to a halfway meeting place. (We love gotcha stories.)

  10. Hazel was born at Mom's daughter's house. The daughter had rescued a pair of pugs and the female was pregnant. Mom visited when the pups were 4 weeks old and fell in love with Hazel and even though they already had 4 pugs, Hazel was added to the family.
    I was born in Oregon and Mom's daughter found me online and I came to help heal Mom's heart after the loss of Greta
    Hazel & Mabel

  11. I, Jakey, came from a rescue group in Texas to keep Dory my angel sister Dory company.

    Mama and Daddy were fostering me, Arty, when they fell in love with me because I am so handsome and smart.
    I have been here ever since.

    I, Rosy, am a Blogville baby. After my Angel Sissy Dory went to the bridge, Mama and Daddy were very very sad...after a few months, the house seemed very empty with no beautimous females. Mama started looking for me. Luckily, Mabel and Hazel's Mama found me on a local paper and sent Mama a link..Needless to say, Mama and Daddy fell in love and drove all the way to Utah from Northern Cali to pick me up...I even got to meet my Uncle Murphy and Stanley's Mama while I was there!

    What a great Monday question!
    Jakey, Arty & Rosy


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