Sunday, March 17, 2019

Sully, Molly and a new dog named Dudley are the March 17, 2019 Pup of the Week

We Angels think our parents are silly.  They always worry that getting another pet will be dishonoring our memory.  We appreciate the sentiment. But we know better than anyone what a great pet parent we were fortunate enough to have lived with and, how many deserving pets who need a good home with loving parents there are patiently waiting in this world.  By marrying a pet and a parent, we are improving both their lives dramatically. That is indeed an angel's purpose.

We hate to see a parent suffer and what makes them suffer the most is our passing. We know their hearts have been destroyed.  A new pet, not a replacement, because we are irreplaceable, but a new soul who will help them reconstruct their broken hearts and make them smile as they travel through the dark forest known as grief, is the ticket.

When Sully arrived at the Bridge late last year, he was met by his sister Molly, who had passed earlier in the decade.  Molly didn't have to hunt for a pup when she passed because Sully fulfilled all his mom's needs. But now she, Mama Lisa, was alone. The reunited siblings began to search for a brand new pup immediately.

But when they slipped into her their mama's dreams, into the deep subconscious, where suggestions become a memory, they met with resistance.  Despite their pleas, Mama Lisa wasn't ready.

Truthfully, this may have been a good thing, The siblings had found many worthy dogs but none that could genuinely measure up to Molly or Sully. They knew their mom simply needed the best.

There are other considerations for Mama Lisa too. She had children, so she had to be extra careful about who she allowed in the family. Of course, Sully and Molly knew this, and every dog they interviewed went through a strenuous kids’ test both for the children’s and the dog sakes.

At the beginning of March, they met an outstanding candidate.  His name was Dudley. He was a handsome wire fox terrier. He loved children.  He showed great calm and patience; both needed when you go into a home with kids.  He was a gentleman and a love bug. He passed each strenuous test Sully, and Molly put him through.  Now came the difficult part.

We dogs are known for our persistence.  We can sit still, staring, while wearing our most adorable face through an entire meal, on the off chance we may be given a bite.  We can sit by the window for hours waiting to see that damn squirrel. And we can bark endlessly until we get what we want. 

We are no different as angels.  We can slip into our mom's dreams and repeat the phrase “it is time to get a dog” over several nights until the message gets through.  I don't know how many nights it was before Sully and Molly's Mom woke up realizing it was time to get a dog. But I know Sully and Molly would still be doing it today if the message hadn't got through.

She knew exactly where to find Dudley, although she may not have understood how. For dog and Mom, it was love at first sight.  Dudley was brought home to meet his new human siblings. They fell in love with him too. Standing in the living room they adored, unseen, as little ghosts always are, Sully and Molly hugged one another in admiration for a job well done.

So now Moma Lisa's house is filled with the sounds of paws on the floor and yips.  Dudley has relied on his angel siblings to go into their mother's dreams and tell her to get more treats.  They do so. They would do anything to make the little pup who made their mom smile happy although they don't do it with the intensity they did when they were trying to get their mom to find Dudley.  

And they want their mom to know how happy they are Dudley is with her and their purpose has been fulfilled.


  1. that is so sweet... you wrote this so wonderful... BRAVO...

  2. I'm so happy for Dudley and his new family.

  3. Such a wonderful story, all houses should be filled with the sound of dog paws.

  4. What a cute pup! Were so glad they found him!

  5. the best way to honor your beloved angels is to share your love with another!
    Hazel & Mabel

  6. We bet Sully and Molly sent Dudley to his forever home, and they are very pleased with it. He sure is a cutie.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  7. Wonderful story. Welcome Dudley.


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