Sunday, July 14, 2019

Gritt,with Help from Angels Baron and Kaizer is our July 14, 2019

Baron had been here before. 

While most of us were blindly attempting to navigate the new social media landscape, Baron was already an online superstar.  He was the first pup I knew to have his own Facebook page, and the first one to have a gathering of pups at his house. Of course, it was called Baron fest. After his passing, he prepared me, and so many others for the next life.  Baron was an original in every sense of the term.

After Baron reached the Bridge, he immediately began searching for the perfect pup to take his place and rebuild his mom's heart.  He interviewed thousands of dogs until he found a puppy named Kaizer. One meeting and he knew this was the dog who could ease the pain of his passing. 

Kaizer had everything Baron required as an heir, except for time.  We watched as he grew up online. We praised Kaizer when he completed another training course.  It seemed that he was only a pup when we heard of his cancer diagnosis. In reality, he was seven. He was still too young. 

Just as Baron had taught Kaizer what he needed to know about being an outstanding German Shepard Dog, he also taught him how to be a loving, caring, comforting angel.  Once this was accomplished, his next job was to find his mom a new dog.  

That is what brought Baron back to look for a new pup for his mom.  Baron had a list of questions, plus body requirements, and attitude assessments to help him find the right dog.  What he didn't expect having was a pesky brother who insisted on helping.
When Baron went to interview the first puppy candidates, he was stopped by Kaizer.  "I should go too," the younger dog said.  

"Now, now Kaizer," Baron chuckled.  "I have more experience then you do, and I am a fine judge of puppies. After all, I found you. Stay here to make sure mommy doesn't need anything.  I will be back soon." 

"But Mom has changed," Kaizer said.  "There were things I did that you didn't.  She liked them."

"Doubtful," Baron said brusquely.  

Kaizer, like all German Shepherds, was strong-willed.  "Maybe I will do my interviews, and if I find the right dog I will offer them the position of Mama's dog."  

"You wouldn't," a shocked Baron said. Kaiser nodded.  Baron became angry. “I am going out, you stay."

Kaizer stood on his back legs. "I am going out. You stay."

They began to circle one another and growl. Someone needed to break them up. This was a job for Judge Foley Monster.

I put on my wings and fluttered down between them.  I looked like a squirrel trying to mediate a fight between two beagles. I told them I would hear their dispute if they agreed to abide by my decision.  If not they would have their mortal side visiting privileges suspended. 

I listened to both their arguments.  Then I told them I would not decide because their mom had already made it.  I asked them what she would have wanted. The two German Shepherds looked at one another. “She would want us to work together,” they said simultaneously.  They were right. From that moment forward, they worked together to find another perfect pup. 

It took them, working together, a week to find another special heart dog for their mom.  They went in their mom’s dream and whispered the name Gritt.  
And, that is who she found: Gritt, another German Shepherd puppy, who hundreds of friends, supporters, and friends call watch grow up on the Internet.
Welcome, Gritt.  You won the puppy jackpot.
All you have to do to be successful is to listen to your inseparable angels.