Sunday, July 7, 2019

Sophie is the July 7 2019 Pup of the Week

There are too many homeless pets to count.  It seems that every second a dog is being adopted; there are two dogs that are surrendered.  It is a losing battle. 

Every day a homeless dog arrives at the Bridge.  Some of them pass naturally. Others cross in good health.  They do so because someone declared the Earth full and decided the only way to make more room was to send dogs over the Bridge.

So many of these dogs have never known love.  When they cross over, we try to place them with great dog rescuers who have passed.  Among these big-hearted angels are Jackie Pool, Michelle Kenney, and Vicki Tankersly.  They were given mansions, with hundreds of rooms. They, and many like them, have provided a home for thousands of dogs who crossed humanless.  Although pups greatly outnumber the angel moms, they still give the dogs the attention they require. 

Rescuing a senior dog can be emotionally taxing on a parent.  We dogs don’t have much time with our them even if we live with them for our entire lives.  Intentionally having that time halved, or quartered, guarantees a parent will have a shorter span between giving a dog their heart and losing it when the pup passes.

Parents who take in senior dogs may think they are only rescuing dogs for the rest of their short lifespan, but actually, they are saving them for an eternity.  Once a dog lives in their forever home, they become part of the pack when they pass to the Bridge.

In 2015, Momma Lisa Sullivan decided to foster a dog for two weeks. The pup was a terrified little girl.  In a few hours, Momma Lisa knew that this small, white, six years old would be a member of their pack for as long as her heartbeats allowed.  The pup received a new name: Sophie. She quickly assimilated with the current pack members, Mollie and Sully. In a short time, Sophie became the boss.  

It was not a smooth ride for Sophie.  Some tests showed she was losing protein.  She also began to leak. Two years ago, Momma Lisa thought Sophie would be going to the Bridge, but thanks to medication, a good doctor, and her mom, Sophie, survived.
In time both Molly and Sully went to the Bridge.  Sophie showed her devotion to her mom by helping her through the loss of her two beloved dogs and aiding new pup Dudley as he became acclimated to the family

Sophie gave her mom an entire lifetime of love in the time they had together.  On Monday night, in her usual no muss or fuss manner, Sophie departed for the Bridge, knowing her mom was in good paws with Dudley.

Sully and Molly met Sophie, plus hundreds of other dogs who never had a home, and to whom Sophie was a hero.  Sophie had visited Sully and Molly in her dreams, where she learned everything about being a pup at the Bridge. 

 Sophie was Mama Lisa’s third dog she lost in barely a year, a number that would be too much to bear for many moms. Mama Lisa is comforted by having Molly and Sully, who know how to visit their mom and ease her pain , and now Sophie, whose determination and kindness will  help her mom through the darkest parts of her journey through grief If during her travels, Mama Lisa sees a light that will lead her out of the darkness, she should know it is Sully, Molly, and Sophie holding a light for her.

Sophie will not rest until her mom completes that journey and no longer feels pain, because her mom saved her, not just for the last years of her life, but for eternity.