Thursday, July 4, 2019

River and the Broken Mug

One of the worst things that have ever happened to me occurred last week.  My Dad dropped my mom's mug with a Griffon on it, and the handle broke off.

Admittedly, I have not had the most traumatic life.  I have always had a home. I have never been sick, and except for having my who-who turned off, I have never had surgery.  I haven't even been left with a stranger when my parents went on a trip. So imagine the trauma an innocent such as I suffered when the mug broke. 

This was the tea mug Mommy used in the evening.  She also has a mug for morning tea and another for midday tea.  No wonder she pees so much: Too much tea makes you pee. The morning mug has a drawing of a Griffon's head.  The evening mug has a picture of an entire Griffon body with words “Mama's Little Girl” on it. Because that's who I am.  Mama's little girl.

.  Why do my parents have so many mugs?  Because they have a dishwasher to make life easier  Before the dishwasher they had one mug which they would wash out and have ready for the next meal.  But, now that they have a dishwasher, the cups get cleaned once a day which means my parents need several specialized mugs.   The good news is they saved themselves two minutes every day by not having to wash them. The bad news is that they have to work those two minutes to pay off all the mugs.

I like the evening mug because that is when I climb on mommy’s lap.  I get to see the mug and even lick it. I don’t know the morning mug too often.  I should, but mommy won’t give me lap during breakfast.  

The evening when the mug broke Daddy was carelessly picking up the plates and mugs to bring to the dishwasher.  He tried to balance the mug on a plate. He dipped the plate, and the mug fell. It landed on its side with the handle taking the brunt of the fall. The handle snapped off.

I gasped, Daddy cursed, Mommy sighed, Pocket slept.  When Daddy retrieved the mug, it was handle less. Time of breakage was listed at 10:15 PM.  The mug was buried under a paper towel in the kitchen trash can after a short ceremony. We all talked about how much the mug meant to us.  Mommy said she liked that it said “Mommy’s Little Girl!’ Me too.  

Daddy said he would replace the mug, but this was not a job for a man, this was a job for an Amazon. That night  I could not sleep, so I stole Mommy’s IPad and went through all the mugshots online. I selected one and asked the Amazons to craft it.  

They said it would be at the house within three business days, so I made sure I did my business outside so the days qualified.

The man in the big truck brought the mug two days later.   Daddy opened it and gave it to Mommy. She was thrilled with it, and so was I.  Those Amazons really are superheroes.

Here is a picture of the mug.

Does it look like anyone?


  1. All good things must come to an end, but thank dogness for the Amazon - all things can be found there too:)

    Perfect likeness.

    Happy Fourth of July!!!

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  2. The Amazon can make up for many human blunders.

  3. Hooray for the cup delivery humans, they done good!

  4. What an adorable mug, with an adorable face.

  5. that was a mug-shot literally... thanks to amazon who can do wonders sometimes... and we wonder no longer why our dad has a kitchen ban LOL

  6. The same thing happened here. Mom had a special mug and the handle broke off. She kept the mug part on her desk with pencils in it because she couldn't stand to throw it out. We like your new mug a lot.

  7. River, every time I see you I want to hold you and love you and give you treats. The new mug is wonderful...good job, pretty girl.

  8. My ghostwriter is the queen of broken dishes. She drops one or spills something almost every day. That's why none of the dishes and glasses match in this house.