Friday, June 5, 2020

Dreyfuss, the Little Dog in the Middle of the Big Mess

I am getting tired of people misbehaving and their dogs being the ones to suffer.

    The entire world knows what happened in the part of Central Park known as the Bramble, where bird watchers congregate to see several different species, including ground birds.  That is one of the many reasons that dogs should be on a leash in the Bramble.  A loose dog will disturb the ground birds.

    Amy Cooper let her recently adopted dog Dreyfuss off his leash in the Bramble.  She was confronted by a black man named Christian Cooper, who was bird watching.  He asked Amy to leash Dreyfuss so he wouldn’t disturb the birds.  She reacted by calling the police and falsely saying the man was threatening her.  Christian recorded the exchange, put it on Facebook, and soon the video went viral.

    While she did lose her job, Amy Cooper was not criminally charged for her actions.  But, as usual, it was the most innocent party involved who paid the highest price.   Dreyfuss was returned to the Abandoned Cocker Spaniel Rescue.

    I take great offense to that decision.  Dreyfuss was let loose in the Bramble by his mom and did as any dog would, he ran around, chased birds, and enjoyed the day.  He didn’t break free or disobey anyone.  He was not aware he was breaking the rules, yet he is the one who loses his family and freedom?  Talk about persecution. It just goes to prove that no matter what happens, humans will always blame dogs.

According to the Rescue, they are keeping Dreyfuss until their investigation is over.  I don’t know how this benefits him.  His mom hasn’t been criminally charged, although she did show terrible judgment by first letting Dreyfuss run where he shouldn’t, then not just leashing Dreyfuss when she was told to do so, and finally by calling the police on Christian and creating the story that he threatened her.  Sure, she is a racist and a bigot who tried to frame Christian for a crime he did not commit and wanted the police to go all Central Park Five on his ass, but if racists weren’t allowed to have dogs, there would be a lot more dogs in shelters now.

I went to visit Dreyfuss, who is back in a foster home, and very confused.  He was having a fantastic day at the park.  He was running free, sniffing all the smells there was to sniff, and he met a nice man who wanted to give him treats and took a video of him, then his mom grabbed him by the collar, and she began to freak out, which caused Dreyfuss to freak out because anxiety travels down the leash.  A few hours after the incident, the phone started ringing, such a bother when you are a tired dog who was just running in the park, and his mom became very upset. Then the rescue came and removed him from his home.

Dreyfuss is sorry if he did anything wrong.  He wants to go back to his mom, but if she doesn’t want him, or can't keep him, he will gladly go to another family, preferably one further removed from the Third Reich than the previous one.  If he is put up for adoption, it shouldn’t be hard for him to find a new home.  Dogs that go “viral” are always quick to be placed with a fresh family.

I hope Dreyfuss is either allowed back to his mom’s house or finds a home, and he no longer suffers from stupid patent syndrome.

(This morning, for better or worse, Dreyfuss was returned to his mom.)


  1. I hope dear Dreyfuss won't have any additional trauma in his life.

  2. Sometimes the humans can be so dumb! Hope Dreyfuss gets a good home now.

  3. I didn't know this story; what a tangle!

  4. Dreyfus what a fun name for a precious pup
    Hugs Cecilia

  5. Dreyfuss didn't do anything wrong, but maybe he can find a better furever home.

  6. We agree, he didn't do anything wrong, poor pup.


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