Sunday, June 7, 2020

Guardian the Dog who Lives Up to His Name

Like all creatures, dogs have fears.  The biggest one is that something will happen to our parents.  That goes with our second biggest fear, being homeless.  If we lost our parents, not only would we be beyond heartbroken, but if no one took us in, we would have to live on the outside. The only comforting thought about being homeless is if we could have a dog family member with so we weren’t alone.

 A pup, who the humans have named Guardian, was homeless with his sister in the city.  Life was difficult, but the two of them made their way, always watching one another’s’ backs and giving each other someone warm to cuddle with at night.  They were inseparable.
It was a dangerous existence. They would have to fight for food and dart across roads.  They did it successfully for a year, but one of the truths about living on the edge is inevitably you fall.

One morning Guardian and his sister were crossing the highway when she got hit.  Her soul left her body like it had been fired from a rocket.  She sprung from the River of Life confused and began looking for her brother, unable to remember what brought her here. She refused to cross the Bridge without Guardian.

A soul only has a limited amount of time to cross the Bridge or they won’t be allowed to access the immortal side.  They are doomed to roam the earth as ghosts, a lonely and ghastly existence.  We have a select few angels who have lived at the Bridge for decades and have no family on the mortal side, or any reason to go back, who are allowed to cross over and persuade the reluctant pup to join us.  Luckily, on this day, they were successful  Guardian’s sister crossed the Bridge, and once I swore her in, she was placed with a wonderful family so she could live with the love denied her as a mortal.

Before she could begin her life as an angel, we had to go with her as ghosts to the mortal side because Guardian refused to leave her remains and snapped at the people who were trying to help him.  When his sister appeared to him in a form, none of the humans could see his eyes filled with tears.  That is when she remembered the truth.  They had both dreamed about being adopted, but she didn’t think it was likely for them to be chosen as a couple.  She was sure that Guardian would be a much better pet than she would be, so she sacrificed herself.  She knew Guardian would never leave her, so she had to leave him.  His first steps away from her would be the first steps towards his forever home. When Guardian stayed by her side, he became famous for being loyal and loving.  Fame is critical when you want to be adopted.

Guardian did not want to say goodbye until his sister promised to visit him every night in his dreams, where they could rummage through dumpsters together, chase street vermin, and lie in the sun all day long.  But now, Guardian had to live the mortal life they both deserved, with a family, and love.  His sister said that was all she needed to finally be at peace.

Guardian relented and went with the rescuers.  The video of him protecting his sister soon went viral.  Guardian became famous, and soon he found his forever home, where he is happy, not just for himself but for his sister too.

Being on separate sides of the River cannot keep them from being together.  Nothing can.


  1. Such a sad way to find your happy. Bless you sweet Guardian, bless you.

  2. yes... being together is forever and nothing can separate us...

  3. Is it okay for me to angry at the person driving the car that killed Guardian's sister?

  4. What a sad yet good story, Guardian is a wonderful pup who deserves a good life.

  5. Hopefully Guardian will have some happy years before he is reunited with his sister.

  6. guardian; we are so sorry about your sister, yet buzzed happy you finally found your forevers home ....♥♥♥♥♥

  7. Some love is eternal, such as this.

  8. Thank you for sharing the story.

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