Monday, August 24, 2020

Monday Question


What kind of gear do you wear?

Do you wear a collar?

Do you have a harness?

What kind of harness is it?

Do you have a leash?

Is any of it for training?

Please comment below


  1. we use a front harness for walks, a track harness for search work and show leashes for shows... but no matter what we wear we are always crazy LOL

  2. We use collars, step-in harnesses, and leashes. All by Lupine Pet.

  3. I wear a collar. I am allowed off leash when away from traffic and livestock. At my puppy class, they said that dogs learn to walk at heel more easily with a collar than a harness. That said, I do wear a harness when on the train, ever since the famous incident when I slipped out of my collar and jumped off the trains just as the doors were closing and it was about to depart...
    Toodle pip!

    1. OMD, Bertie, you ride trains?! And you jumped off one?! Wow! We are impressed. Lucy and Xena

  4. Lucy: I wear a pretty polka dot collar with all my nice tags on it. When I we go for a walk, I wear a front hook halter, I always walk very nicely with it on. My leash and Xena' are both from a fund-raiser by our local NPR station. We heard Angel Lexi made a pledge and got them.
    Xena: I wear a pretty pink collar with my ID an my St. Christopher's baptism medal on it. And a red mesh halter for our walks. The front hook one "didn't help," as Mommy says, and she returned it.
    Lucy: We didn't get baptised, we got blessed.
    Xena: Well, maybe we got blesstized.

  5. We have harnesses and leads for two cats, but we don't use them.
    Celestial Angel and Chuck were allowed outside, but not Da Boyz or Sweetie.

  6. Our Little Bit had a harness because she would choke herself if she didn't have a harness. At the end of the day the harness would come off and in the morning when it was time to go for her walk dad would lay the harness down and Little Bit would step into it. Every single time.

    No formal training at all, but she was such a good girl.

    Have a fabulous day. ♥

  7. We have only had one dog years ago...a Dachshund. There was just one style of leash and collar. IF we had one now I'd 100% for sure the the harness style with a hook for the leash onto of the harness...nothing around the neck. Thankfully ours never had back problems due to the neck collar and attached leash and of course it would be RED
    Hugs Cecilia

  8. Oh man, do we have gear!! We have various collars. We wear a collar all the time. We have various harnesses, some for walks, some head halters (we hate those), some for riding in the car, some for helping us walk if we get hurt. We have tons of leahes, remember there were twelve of us at one time. Some are short show leashes, some are long for training, some are regular walking leashes. We even have a split leash so two of us can walk together. We have sweaters and jackets and rven a raincoat. And we have boots. Our mom is crazy.

  9. I have a personalized collar that says The Daily Bone on it. I can go out in my fenced yard without a leash, but anywhere else we use a leash.

  10. We all wear slip collars from White Pine Outfitters. When we walk, sometimes we have to wear a Gentle Leader if we want to pull too much. Mom thinks she has better control if we have those on. And we use leashes with a fancy carabiner clip that has a twisty lock thing on it so it can't come off. Misty has a help 'em up harness but she hasn't had to use it - $$$ wasted:(

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  11. We also have some major "gear" BOL! But, for the most part...we all have collars we wear at all times. Sunny, Arty and Jakey wear haressed also wear harnesses when they go for walks and in the car to "buckle up for safety" Rosy just has to wear a harness in the car.

    What a great question this week, we loved reading all the answers!

  12. we iz knot even a loud outta de houz !!!! gram paw dude hada harnezz tho & de furst time de gurl taked him out in it; he heard a siren and ran rite outta it; thank full lee knot soooper fast... sew de gurl waz abe bull ta catch him !! ☺☺♥♥


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