Sunday, August 9, 2020

Missy Diva Continues the Yorkie Invasion of Rainbow Bridge


Missy Diva came charging across the Bridge like she had been shot out of a cannon.  Most of the dogs who arrive here are happy, and relieved, after reaching their final destination.  They also carry sorrow with them, because they had to leave their loved ones behind.  While Missy Diva felt the same, she also brought one big piece of emotional baggage with her.  She was pissed.

She said she did not think her mom; Mother Tracey should have sent her to the Bridge.   I told her that she had lived 15 long years, a marvelous achievement, even for a Yorkie.  She told me she didn’t care.  I asked her if she could remember her last days with her mom, and she said that she couldn’t.  I told her that it was because she had dementia.  She said she didn’t care.   I told her she had been both blind and deaf.  She said she didn’t need senses.  I then carefully explained that any parent who loved their dog senior dog, that was blind and deaf and whose dementia was so bad she could not remember from one day to the next, would help them go to the Bridge.  It was a humane thing to do.  Missy-Diva finally agreed that Mother Tracy did the right and loving thing.  She had stopped enjoying her life, except for the few days she recognized her mom’s smell.  But, she still held onto her angry edge.  She is a Yorkie.  Even when we give in, we hold on to a lifeline to go back and fight again.

I began to go over the Rainbow Bridge rules with Missy-Diva, but she assured me that she knew them all.  “I have read your blog.  It was filled with all sorts of immortal life spoilers.  Actually, after reading how you described it, the real thing is a bit of let down.”   I love the YWA:  Yorkies with attitude.

Missy-Diva enjoyed her welcoming banquet, although she sent her steak back three times because it was not cooked correctly.  I showed her the Yorkie mansion where she would live, and she said she liked it, but the drapes were awful.  She made me smile, having reminded me of myself when I was a fresh little angel.

Finally, I showed Missy-Diva the only thing on Rainbow Bridge that she would gladly accept without complaint.  It was how to go back to see her mom. I could tell when she had accomplished her dream visit.  Missy-Diva was smiling in her dream, and her mom was too.

My gosh, another Yorkie at the Bridge!  I am afraid our insurance rates are going through the roof!




  1. We're wondering if you've ever come across Dasiy, a Yorkie from Aberdeen, at the Bridge. Used to live opposite Bertie. Barks a lot. Definitely a YWA.

  2. we love the way to see da peeps in their dreams... and we are sure that dream visits will happen for ever and ever...

  3. Is there ever a Yorkie without an attitude...I don't think so!
    RIP, Angel Missy Diva

  4. Missy sound like she knows exactly what she wants, she was a good pup!

  5. We see our Little Bit now and then and not just in our dreams. I think she's telling us she's okay.

    Have a woof woof day and week. ♥

  6. The difference between the yorkie and the schnauzer is the schnauzer would have gobbled down the steak before complaining and demanding another one.

  7. We know that helping a dear doggie to get to the bridge is one of the hardest decisions the humans ever have to make.

  8. Thank you for sharing Missy's story.


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