Friday, August 21, 2020

A Happy Home


Bringing a dog into your home, and finding that they are not compatible with your family, has devastating effects on both sides of the River of Life.  The parents feel guilty that they could not keep the pup, which they happily had brought home just a short time earlier, and the angels are upset the pup they picked for their mom was the wrong one.  It makes everyone gun shy when it comes to getting the next dog.  

    Pintus and Rain, after Pintus came to the Bridge in 2017, began looking for a new dog to live with Momma Marisela.  After interviewing dozens of candidates, they settled on a beautiful pup named Icy Wind.  At first Icy fit in with the family splendidly.  But, there was something deep in Icy that caused him to be aggressive towards Junior, and sadly, their mom had to surrender Icy Wind. 

    Pintus and Rain took a break from searching for a dog, so their mom could come to terms with what happened with Icy Wind.  But, they knew she needed another dog. They had no idea how to make this come about until Pintus suggested their mom start fostering dogs.  That way, the angel duo could monitor to see if the new pup got along with Junior and benefited their mom’s heart.  They hoped their foster to own scheme would work.

    First, they had to find a dog who needed a home.  At the same time, some miserable person, who is destined to be a minion when he crosses over, left the beautiful dog who would come to be known as Happy tied to a tree.  You would think that a dog who had been so abused would never trust another human, but when the rescue workers found Happy, tied to the tree, she happily wagged her tail, ready for a new adventure to commence.  

    The first step for Pintus and Rain was to get their mom and Happy together.  This was not hard.  Their mom has a big heart, and when she learned of Happy’s plight, there was no way that she would not open her home and heart to Happy, at least temporarily.  The trick for Pintus and Rain was to make it permanent.

    While Happy was glad to be back in a home Junior, Pintus and Rain wanted to make sure that she stayed in their home.  Junior coached Happy on how to be one of Momma Marisela’s dogs during the day, while Pintus and Rain gave her lessons at night.  Little did Happy know, when she entered the house, that she would receive the around-the-clock tutoring. 

    Like a rom-com with a reluctant heroine, Momma Marisela tried to deny that she was falling in love with Happy.  During the day, Happy’s infectious spirit and gentle nature gave Momma Marisela that peaceful, loving feeling that a dog who bonds with a human inspires.  At night, Pintus and Rain continued to persuade her to keep Happy.  Finally, Momma Marisela knew she could not resist.  She announced that Happy was the newest member of their family.  

    It turns out he was a very aptly named dog.  He is just the happiest dog knowing how lucky he is to have such a beautiful family, and he has made his mom even happier. I love a story with a happy ending.



  1. That was a happy ending, I hope Icy Wind gets so lucky.

  2. We fostered a doggie several years ago. Unfortunately, children made him angry, and we had the four siblings still growing up at the time. Fortunately we found him a home with no kids, and the new owners just adored him!

  3. We do too. We know that Tsar sent Sebastian to us when we all needed him. He used to lick Mom's hand after every meal thanking her for taking him into the family.

  4. Happy kind of looks like a schnauzer-shih tzu mix. This is, indeed a happy story with a Happy continueing.

  5. Hi hi hi! Ojo here! A happy story indeed!

  6. Ohhhh happy to meet you Happy!! You are very gawgeous
    Hugs Cecilia


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