Friday, October 2, 2020

Foley Finds Another Dog Who Communicates from the Bridge


I am agitated.  When I arrived at the Bridge, the BIg Guy granted me the ability to communicate with humans on the mortal side.  I explained to the heartbroken people that, when their babies ran out of heartbeats and left them, they were not gone, but actually with me at the Bridge, where they are young again, happy, and waiting for their parents.  Being allowed to share their tails is a privilege.  It has allowed me to keep one paw in the mortal world, share my stories, and become Rainbow Bridge’s best selling author.

    Recently, I have become privy to information that someone else was sending people letters that are supposedly from their dogs at Rainbow Bridge.  I investigated.  I quickly learned that no angels were communicating their stories to humans.  The bipeds were creating these letters from their twisted imaginations. Who has ever heard anything so outrageous?

    These stories need to be composed delicately.  When a human loses their dogs, they are at one of their most vulnerable states.  It requires an angel’s touch.  Humans cannot convey the sympathy and understanding I do.

    I traced the origins of the communications to a man in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. The source of the letters was Todd Belcher.  He is a painter who specializes in pet portraits.  I guess he believes that gives him some insight into the pup’s soul.  I know it takes much more than that to send letters supposedly written by angels.  

    I prepared myself to lay the smackdown on this fool when an angel name Jimmy requested to meet with me.  In 1990 Jimmy was a sad stray with no hope of a home.  Only one human showed him love, Todd Belcher.  He adopted the desperate pup and, for years, provided a Jimmy with a happy family.  Todd became inspired by Jimmy and started to paint portraits of dogs.    

    Todd began a blog to make people aware of his pet portrait business.  While he was a good man with a camera, he had trouble with words, so he hired Julie to do the blog’s text.

    The time arrived for Jimmy to pass to the Bridge.  Julie and Todd’s wife Stephanie could tell how hard Todd took Jimmy’s passing.  They discussed a way they could lessen his burden.  Stephanie suggested she write a letter from Jimmy to Todd explaining that his pup was at the Bridge and thriving.  The missive meant a tremendous amount to Todd.  It inspired Julie and Stephanie to create a website where they would write, as Jimmy, to tell grieving parents how well their dogs were doing as angels.

    It was a compelling story.  But I didn’t believe it.  “First it was Todd writing these letters, and then it was Stephanie.  In truth, it has been you all along, hasn’t it?”

    Jimmy hemmed and hawed.  I assured him he would be in no trouble; I just wanted to make sure that the letters to these broken-hearted parents weree from an actual angel.  

    Jimmy admitted the entire scheme.  When he first passed, he saw how distraught his dad was.  He entered Stephanie’s dreams and dictated a letter.  It had such a positive effect on his dad, Jimmy talked to Stephanie about doing more letters for newly arrived angels.  She agreed, and a little cottage industry was created.

    I promised Jimmy I would not betray his secret.  I cannot reach every parent who loses a pup, and I could certainly use the assistance.  I told him I would file a report concerning the incident stating that the content of the letters was purely from Stephanie’s imagination.  The matter would be closed.  And Jimmy’s secret is save.  

    I left Jimmy to continue with his excellent work.  Truthfully, we need more angels comforting distraught parents, even if they did not go through the proper procedure to do so.  My main goal is to try to mend broken-hearted people.  I am happy to have assistance in doing so.


  1. Keep mending those broken hearts, your job is mighty important.

  2. We all look to you for updates from the Bridge.

  3. When it comes to helping the humans who are grieving from the loss of a beloved pet, we think every little bit helps.

  4. Any of us who have lost our beloved dogs and cats need all the comfort we can get. Thank you, Foley, for helping Jimmy continue.

  5. Foley you are an excellent and treasured advocate for our Angels
    Hugs Cecilia

  6. Foley, I don't think I have yet mentioned that I love you.