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Tails From Rainbow Bridge: Taz Joins His Angel Siblings to Bring Light Into the Darkness

Star was the first of Taz's Angel siblings to arrive at Hobo's Landing after the little Yorkie began her journey to the immortal world. I was preparing to swear little Taz in just like I had Star, Jake, and Jazzy.  They were too many babies lost for one mother to bear.

I asked Star how her mother was coping with her latest loss. This is her fourth pup in a decade who has gone to the Bridge. "Of course she is despondent," Star said. "But Mom has undertaken the walkthrough that cold, dark,  hopeless forest called grief and come out the other side. When she walks it now, she'll have another angel to guide her way."

That is the key to finding your way out of the grief woods: Look for your Angel's light.  It is densely dark in the forest of grief.  It can take angels weeks to muster up the power to shine a light out of the darkness.  With four angels, Aunt Valerie has a brilliant light, but the more times she walks it, the darker it becomes.  There is no getting ahead at the Bridge. 

Taz lived 16 years with his parents.  Not a bad record. for this vicinity.   As he became, a senior Taz had to hide all his pain and infirmities until he finally relented, let his parents relieve him of his suffering, and send him to the Bridge.  Being veterans of aiding pups across the river of life, Taz's mom and dad knew the immense grief and sadness that lays

 before them.

Minutes before Taz's arrival, siblings Jake and 

Jazzy appeared with a banner reading "welcome home, Taz." Jake remembered when he made his journey to the next life. He saw his siblings and friends lined up waiting for him.  It made his transition much more comfortable.  Behind Jake and Jessie were all of Taz's friends seeking to support the little dog with a fierce heart.

Everyone cheered when they saw Taz’s fine form climbing out of the river. Like me, whenever he gets wet, he looks like a drowned rat.  With one shake, he was completely dried off and sporting his shiny, silky hair.

Taz looked across the bridge, then up the rise to see his siblings and friends waiting for him after his journey. He barked three times, spun around, and then began running for the Bridge in a manner only Yorkies do:  All furious little kicks and attitude.

Taz scaled the stairs, a mighty feat for a small pawed dog. He landed in front of me and raised his paw before hearing the oath. I love a dog with angel siblings who know what to expect when he crosses over. Star, Jake, Jazzy, and Taz began running around, nipping and barking at one another and playing the puppy games that so delighted his parents.

When the siblings aren't playing, they're trying to help their parents and their remaining mortal siblings who are rebuilding the broken hearts of their parents that have been torn down and reconstructed more times than they care to bark about.

The pain of watching four angels pass away in your arms must be excruciating, but we live in a dark and troubled time full of war and illness, so you can never have enough angels, especially once as dedicated as these four.


  1. that is true... this time needs a lot of angels who watch over us...

  2. It's so sad but happy when they are together again.

  3. We know that Taz is free from pain and enjoying his time with his family and friends at the Bridge. But it is still so gut wrenching for us left behind.

  4. It's so hard to let them go, but they will wait for us to join them.

    Have a fabulous day. ♥

  5. I am a firm believer that our Angels are always watching us.
    We speak of Angel Madi every day...she enriched our lives so very much as do all furries
    Hugs Cecilia

  6. we are sorry to hear about your friend taz ♥♥♥♥♥

  7. that is very comforting to think of the angels that are looking over us....

  8. We all know the heartache of losing a beloved furry, but those angels do wonderful things to help those left behind. We are happy to hear that Taz had such a wonderful welcome.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber


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