Sunday, November 15, 2020

Ruby Rose and the True Meaning of Friendship


I  hate to see old friendships ended by politics.  It is we dogs who lose friends thanks to silly misunderstandings and assumptions.

On Doggyspace, we dog warned our adults that they would not be happy with what they found when they saw the humans behind the pup on the site. 

One of the dogs I lost contact with was Ruby Rose.  I remember the beautiful Shepherd living life to the fullest with her mom. When we were on Doggyspace, I loved learning about her adventures and the special relationship she had with her.  Ruby even followed me to the Tanner Brigade ten years ago, but then we lost touch.

I could picture her still going for walks and playing in the yard under the watchful eye of her loving mom. I am not sure how Ruby ended up in my district, but I was delighted to see her even under the harshest circumstances. Ruby had lived well into her senior years.   Like all older dogs, she tried to hide her discomfort when she began to slow down and feel poorly. Obviously, the pain of illness and old age was too much for this beautiful dog could stand, and the decision was made to help her to the bridge.

Ruby's name was on the list of new arrivals for District 4.   I decided we needed to give her a big DS welcome. I had left Tommy Tunes in charge of all things DoggySpace.

Tommy was the perfect dog for the job. He is organized and has a big heart.   I don't think anyone loved doggy space more than Tommy.  

I told him Ruby was on her way, and he contacted all her old doggy space friends to greet her at Hobo's Landing, where I would administer the Rainbow Bridge Oath.  

Ruby recognized her friends the second she crossed the, and she began running like a puppy to greet those she had lost.  Ruby told everyone how grateful she was that no one had forgotten her.  Tommy gave her a big painting of her and her mom to hang over the bed, where she would sleep awaiting the day her mom joined her. 

Of course, she felt great sorrow because she left her mom, but Ruby knew her mom would be satisfied that she is with so many old friends.  

The parents who made up Doggyspace may be arming themselves in their own camps, but the dogs will continue to play and love one another at the Bridge, the way it should be.

Bless our ignorance.  It makes us much happier.


  1. I'm glad sweet Ruby Rose is in your neck of the Bridge.

  2. That must have been a very happy reunion.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  3. Hi friend! Ojo here! We Dogs judge each other on different things than the humans do. For example, I like how boy-dogs smell! I do not like rude pushy Dogs, but I like to play with polite herding especially!

  4. Beyond the bridge there are no judgments, oh how we could learn from them.

  5. That is a very good lesson for all of us!

  6. Godspeed Ruby Rose; we send hugs to your mom ♥♥♥♥♥