Monday, April 12, 2021

Monday Question


Do you take any vitamins, supplements, or medications


  1. We each get a fish oil capsule with breakfast. Misty and Lightning get Dasuquin with MSM with breakfast to help keep their repaired knees in good shape. And Lightning gets Rimadyl every day for pain. Other than that, we all get blueberries and plain yogurt mixed in our kibble too:)

    Woos - Ligtning, Misty, and Timber

  2. I make (the dog) Cinnamon's food. She eats a good brand of kibble, and I add robiotics capsules to her chicken, rice and egg. She has extras to her diet which includes yogourt, berries, home made carrot/oatmeal cake and home made cookies. She also gets chew sticks for her teeth.

  3. we do coconut oil and we get yogurt...

  4. Just my once a day Previcox tablet for my bladder tumour.
    Which seems to be doing good so far.
    Toodle pip!

  5. Yes, Mackey takes Rimadyl for arthritis and fish oil. Syd takes Rimadyl for a shoulder injury, fish oil and Prozac because she's crazy.

  6. Our Angel Little Bit was allergic to so many things that she had two shots each month. She also took whatever else the vet recommended, but the shots were the big thing.

    Have a fabulous day. ♥

  7. Hi friends!
    Xena: I used to take dasoquin until we found out I am "sensitive" to salmon. I take krill oil, Glacier Peak Gold for my gut health, but pretty soon I will drop that and start on Peak Immune for the same thing - I'm supposed to change back and forth every 10 days for a couple of months. I get tumeric paste for my allergies and boy oh boy has that ever helped! Lucy and I both get The Missing Link sprinkled on our food for our skin and coat health.

  8. Angel Madi never took any oral medication until the last 18 months of her life...and I must say my Angel Diva was cooperative. Thankfully what she took was in ordered from Road Runner Pharmacy out of Arizona. They were a compound pharmacy which turned her pills in to powder to sprinkle over her food. There was one that was a wee bit bitter but I was able to disguise it in stinky goodness.
    She had an application of flea/tick/heart worm Advantage each month dropped between her shoulder blades.
    Hugs Cecilia

  9. We have "medicine time" every day! Mama put this into effect after having a heck of a time getting Angel Bilbo to take any kind of meds.. So...we all get a little piece of yummy treat, a multi-vitamin and 3 of us get Cosequin chews every evening after dinner.

  10. Hi friend, Ojo here! I take probiotics! They help my tummy digest!


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