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Of Pokemon, a Boy, a Dog, and the Goodness of People: A Post Pandemic Blog by Foley Monster

Once again, my faith in humanity has been restored, and this time it is thanks to a young boy who loves Pokemon and his puppy.

    The boy’s name is Bryson Kliemann, and he lives in Virginia.  His best friend is his dog named Bruce.  One day, his mother, Kimberly Woodruff, noticed that Bruce was lethargic.  She took him to the vet and was given horrible news.  Bruce had Parvo.  The family did not have money to pay for his surgery, so Bryson took matters into his own tiny hands and decided to sell the only other thing he loved, his Pokemon cards.

Bruce is a special needs child who has trouble creating relationships.  He has a brother and sister, but they are older and play with one another.  His mother got him Bruce for companionship, and they bonded immediately.   It seemed like a cruel trick that the Dementors were coming to take Bruce to the Bridge months after they first met. 

    He made a “Pokemon cards for sale” sign, dragged a table out of the garage, put it near the sidewalk, and sat down, ready to do business.  

    There were a few problems with Bryson’s business model.  He had no understanding of how much his collectible cards were worth, and since the value of the cards varied greatly, the young boy was susceptible to getting swindled out of his valuable possessions.

I  received Bruce’s prayers.  He wanted to stay with Bryson but could barely stand.  He was living in a cage at the vet’s and missed his friend terribly.  He asked me to help keep him from the Bridge.  I was good at saving lost dogs, but I could not cure his illness.   I had to somehow help Bryson raise the money.

Because he is special needs, Bryson also has special abilities, including seeing what others cannot, like angels.  I told him to trust me.  He was to stop selling his cards, he had already made $65.00, and I would take care of the rest.

When his mom took a picture of him at the table with his cards before him, I told her, in a daydream, to put the image on Facebook, and share it with friends and groups.  I didn’t have to take any other action.   Kind people saw it, and it touched their hearts, which is directly connected to their pocketbooks.  They began a Go-Fund-Me page and raised twice as much as required.

Bruce had his surgery and was back home with his family, which gave the story the happy ending I sought, but there was another fortunate byproduct I had not anticipated.   

Executives at Nintendo saw the post, and they sent Bryson rare and valuable Pokemon cards to add to his collection.  Bryson’s act of selflessness not only saved his dog but lead to being given a valuable reward.

    Hopefully, more people will follow Bryson’s example and be willing to give up something they find valuable to save something they love.

    The world would be a better place if they did.



  1. that was so nice to send the acrds to that boy... please please more of such wonderful people who have a big heart... and all the best to bryson & bruce

  2. We like happy endings and this was an especially good one.

  3. Double B's look so very happy and contented.
    OMDs. I saw your Saturday post via YouTube. That blew my mind.
    I hope Mama bear won't be going in human spaces and messin' with any more puppies
    Hugs Cecilia

  4. That really is a most wonderful story!

  5. We saw that story in the newspaper and it warmed our hearts!

  6. what a heart touching story. Umm, parvo is a viral disease, and does not require surgery. The puppy is usually kept in the hospital for a week on a saline drip and given antibiotics for secondary infections as needed. They often do not recover. (I used to work at a vet's.) I am so glad Bruce made it.

    1. yeh - we wondered about the surgery too. But glad the pup and Bryson are home together again and all is well.

  7. What a wonderful story!!! It is so good to see that there really ARE a lot of good people out there. All the best to Bryson and Bruce.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  8. You are so wonderful to help such good friends as Bryson and Bruce. They deserve to be together ❤ you are wonderful for helping them.


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