Thursday, April 13, 2023

Poetry Thursday


Once again, Angel Sammys and Teddys Pawetaton have provided us with a photo for Poetry Thursday.

Josh had driven all night

Without a hotel in sight

“All I want to do,” he said

Was to find a bed

He came upon a hotel most modern

Which Josh found so dumb

He didn’t care if he slept in a shed 

All he wanted was a bed

The lobby spun and twirled like a merry-go-round

A Hammon Organ produced the most gruesome sound

He gave his credit card to a short clerk with a pin head

But all Josh wanted was a bed

It took several minutes for Josh to put in the door code

And opened the door to his new abode

He was immediately confused about what he saw ahead

And couldn’t figure out where was the bed.

There were lights surrounding the room like on the Star Trek Bridge

And he started to feel the discourage

He was sure he had been misled

Because this room had no bed

Josh called the front desk to complain

And the clerk wondered if the caller had a brain

He assured the man he had not been misled 

In the center of the room was his bed

Josh looked at the only piece of furniture in the room

It was translucent, cold, and belong in a tomb

With tiny pillows at the head

Josh couldn’t believe it was a bed

He decided to sleep comfortably on the floor

And was badly injured when someone opened the door

On the floor, he bled

All because he couldn’t find the bed

In the morning he was found

And brought to the hospital for an ultrasound

He ended up in the morgue surrounded by the dead

The nurse apologized and said they didn’t have an open bed

Upon his discharge, an exhausted Josh got in the car

And tried to drive home but it was too far

He saw a street walker with her legs spread

Josh offered her a thousand for no sex but a bed

A watching policeman placed him under arrest

And to the state, he became a guest

They asked him is he wanted to post bail, but instead

He said he would serve his time in his cell because it had a bed


  1. Sometimes sleeping in the car is the best bet...

  2. we agree with nobby.. ... it can end weird in a howltel... like the one of norman bates and his momma....

  3. I don't like the hot hazy days of a Southern summer but I think sleeping in an Ice Hotel would be even worse.
    Hugs Cecilia

  4. Our Mom and us huskies would love to try an ice bed!


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