Friday, April 14, 2023

Foley's Tales From Rainbow Bridge: Helping Sunny Trust Humans


Sometimes an angel’s work is gratifying, as it was this week when a stay dog named Sunny, who had spent months trying to stay alive and away from humans, finally took my advice and trusted humans, and now he has a forever home.

I first answered a prayer request from Sunny a month ago and urged him to let humans rescue him, but he had a terrible first owner, making him mistrust every person he met. 

When he found a safe spot to lie down and sleep, I would slip into his dreams and show him the fabulous humans in my life and the lives of my friends. After a few weeks, Sunny understood how loving humans can be and decided to find one of his own. 

He began to watch a family from the bushes across the street. While he thought the parents were kind, he noticed something about the teenager, Jaylene. He could tell she was a dog human without a dog, and he felt he could fill that role.

But, he was shy. Like a high school boy approaching a house to ask a girl out, he had to work up a lot of courage. Finally, he did. Sunny walked to the front door and sat beside a freshly delivered Amazon package.

Unfortunately, he picked a time when no one was home, but the family did have a ring cam, and the father saw the dog on his phone. He also knew his daughter would love a dog and called her to inform her of Sunny’s arrival. She begged her parents to keep the dog there while she traveled an hour to get home. 

Her parents arrived at the house first and did the delicate dance where they neither got close enough to scare Sunny nor far enough away to give him room to abandon his mission and run.

Jaylene arrived with treats and water for the dog and slowly approached Jaylene until he finally lay against he and got his first scratchers.

Jaylene put a leash on Sunny and took the trusting dog into her car. First was a trip to the bet to check for a microchip, which was not found, and for illness or injury, which were not significant.

After that was a trip to the vet to get all the snarls out of his hair, which made him feel like a puppy again.

Finally, Sunny entered the home that had become his, ate well, and slept for a long time, at peace, because he was now a well-loved family member safe at last.

It was an enriching day indeed.


  1. We're so happy to hear Sunny found his furever home.

  2. Such a wonderful story and we're so happy for sweet Sunny!

  3. Oh how wonderful that Sunny found happiness and love.

  4. We're so glad Sunny found his forever home! Thanks to your guidance, Foley.

  5. Ruby Rose I just received an email from Sue and Molly the Airedale regarding the Portuguese Water Dog's Mom very serious health scare. I noticed you commented on her last blog post and thought you would like the link
    Here is the link

  6. Aww, such a sweet story. Well done Foley! We do hope Sunny will be happy in his new and loving home.


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