Friday, March 29, 2024

Friday Fill-Ins


Finally the Ruby has come back to Fill in the Blanks. My statements are in red. 

1. I hope my Easter basket has abortion pills (because people will pay big money for them if they become illegalin it.

2. March has been like sitting in the back seat of your parents' car stuck in a traffic jam,in your wet swim suit wrapped in a damp towel when the air conditioner cranked up to high. Cold, wet,snd going nowhere.
3. If there ever was a time to move to a small Canadian fishing villiage bordering the Northwear passage with three house of daylight a day, it’s now.   

4. I have built a bomb shelter under the house in preparation for the Presidential election, and that is only for if a candidate I support wins. 


  1. Those are great responses to the fill-ins, but we would prefer lots of treats in our Easter Basket.

  2. Definitely like the idea of a bomb shelter!

  3. Those were good, we need a bomb shelter too!

  4. I need a Pollen shelter. OMDs the pollen is horrid here....and we have anothe month of it
    Hugs Cecilia


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