Monday, March 25, 2024

Monday Question

 Do you eat all your food everytime it is put down in front of you or do you leave a little behind?

Do you skip meals?

I have been known to leave some food on the plate for the kitchen staff.

I rarely miss a meal.


  1. I love food and I never miss a meal and eat it all up and sometimes I stand there for an additional five minutes just licking the empty bowl.

  2. eye get a small portionz oh wet in de morn and again at
    nite coz eye graze on kibble thru out de day 🐟🐟😺‼️💙

  3. We never leave a speck of any meal and only miss them when our parents do it on purpose because of vet visits.

  4. Our pup Little Bit ate her food. Our kitties eat it here and there until it's gone.

    Have a woof woof day, Ruby Rose. My best to your mom. ♥

  5. We eat everyday...but rarely finish our bowl in one sitting(unless it is something truly delish!)
    Sunny & Rosy

  6. I polled the residents here and the answer was a resounding all of the above!


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