Friday, March 1, 2024

Foley''a Tails From Raiinbow Bridge

I went to visit Ruby in her dreams this week. River is her familiar, the angel who spends the most time with a mortal. But I, being Mommy’s [s heartiest of her heart dogs, check in now and then to make sure all of my mom’s needs were being met.

Ruby is doing an excellent job, but there is one small thing. When her demands for a scratch are met, she leaves behind a fluffy pile of fur. My parents have to use the wand to clean up after her. (It is not a real wand. I found that out the hard way when I tried to turn Pocket into a duck.)

“I shed because I have fur, like real dogs do,” Ruby rudely remarked.

I was taken aback. I did not know my newest sister was an anti-hairline. Offended, I asked her what she meant.

“How would a dog with hair survive in the wild?” she asked. “While dogs with fur are hunting, gathering, and protecting you will have hair in your eyes and unable to do anything until a human gives you a haircut.­”

Wounded, I was afraid she might be right, so I set out to prove that an ungroomed dog with hair can survive independently.

I did an I Paw search for dogs with long hair in the wild, and it brought me to a story that proved that a dog with hair does need some human help, but we provide enormous inspiration.

When the Animals Friends Connection Humane Society was informed that two dogs were not cared for in a yard, they sprang into action.

But they only found one dog and what looked like a pile of hair that a Fulminator had created.

Then the pile moved.

Tony, the name bequeathed on the pile of hair, was the most matted and overgrown dog they had ever seen. The rescuers scurried Tony off the seat and got him to the groomers. The technicians were worried they would be hit, unsure of which end they were dealing with, but when they found a wagging tail, they knew they were safe.

Tony had 14 pounds of hair removed. Soon, he looked like an adorable little dog who was quickly adopted.

My lesson from this? While long hair can hinder a dog, it also gives us instant camouflage, allowingow us to sneak up on our enemies.

I would rather be a long-haired spy than a furry food soldier.

This is why long-haired dogs rule,


  1. Dang, that was quite the fur trim, bravo!

  2. I've been watching the YouTube videos of A girl with a Dog.
    She is a groomer and OMDs does she do excellent work.
    I especially remain in awww when some of the long haired dogs
    have as much fur on the floor as on their well groomed body
    Hugs Cecilia

  3. We're glad to hear Tony was rescued and given a new lease on life.


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