Sunday, June 16, 2024

Foley's Tails From Rainbow Bridge: Blue Finds his Inner Lassie


Uploading: 142898 of 142898 bytes uploaded.Have you noticed how few people have on television have dogs? That may be why they have so many problems. And, if they do have dogs, they are either a nuisance or a superhero, rescuing their humans when they are face down in a ditch.

Early on in my relationship with my parents, I let them know, that if they were dumb enough to fall in a well, get caught in a flood at the Old Mill, or end up stranded in a ditch I would not get help. All dogs would do the same.

Or so I thought.

Because, last week, a dog named Blue proved me wrong.

Brandon Garrett is a true dog dad. He has four, that he takes everywhere, That included a trip to the mountains.

Last week, while on a drive on Hells Canyon Scenic Byway in the Wallowa Mountains in Oregon when he missed a turn, drove through the guard rail, and deep into a ravine. The five passengers were unhurt, but there was no way up the canyon, and they were too deep in the woods to be seen from the rarely-traveled road.

Brandon lined his dogs up. Three of them were shaken, but one, Blue, the leader of the pack, and the most fearless looked into her dad’s eyes awaiting his instruction.

In truth, they were more than man and dog. They have always had an understanding of their wants and needs without using worse. So Brandon didn’t have to say “go for help.” Blue gave his dad one long look of devotion and then scampered up the hill.

Brandon had every right to believe that Blue would complete his mission, but they were a long way from a house or business, so Brandon knew it would take time. He pitched a tent to provide himself and the stranded dog's shelter.

When Blue reached the top of the ravine he had to decide which way to go. He backtracked to the campsite that they had departed from where members of their family were still camping. At first, the humans thought that Blue had been forgotten, or run off, but the dog was frantically running towards the humans, then running away until one of the men realized Blue wanted to be followed.

When they started to trail Blue he ran forward barking excitedly. He led them up the road, and for four miles until he stopped exhausted at the point where his dad’s truck could be seen from the road.

The family could not get down the ravine, so they called search and rescue, who had the equipment to bring Brandon and the three dogs back to safety.

One of the rescuers asked Brandon if he was worried and he chuckled no. Blue had never let him down.

While we are all proud of Blue he did raise the bar for dogs. Families in need will expect dogs to save them.

We all are going to find our inner Lassie.

Or more appropriately our inner Blue.


  1. Blue did set the bar high but Fenris at least measures up in our household. He once came bursting out of the fence to protect Mom and Scylla from 3 stray dogs that were chasing Tuiren (but she wasn't Tuiren yet, she was just a poor stray dog that was being chased).

  2. Finding our inner Lassie I love that
    Hugs Cecilia

  3. Blue sure saved the day for his dad and dog siblings.

  4. Such a wonderful story and Blue really is quite the hero pup!

  5. When Mom saw that story in her feed last week she was BEYOND AMAZED -

    Of course, it's just another day at The Dog Pet Office for us!


  6. We saw that story too, and thought WOW, that is one devoted and smart dog. We hope he got a whole steak as a reward all to himself.

    Woos - Misty and Timber


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