Monday, June 10, 2024

Monday Question

This is a question for your parents

If you are sitting with your pet on your lap, and you have to pee, do g you move the animal, or hold it in, not wanting to disturb the pet, and hoping they will move soon?

Ruby's Answer: My mom holds it in for as long as she can and then runs into the bathroom


  1. I'm lucky in that Willow doesn't do the lap - BUT she does snuggle up/pin me in a spot in bed - and I'll go in the same category as your mom -

    Willow's Mom

  2. Hi Ruby,
    Gail adopts the same strategy as your mom

  3. Neither one of our pups ever wants to sit on our laps...but they do sit on our feet, LOL! Same sort of problem...I squirm and Benji leaves...If its dalton, I only need to wiggle my toe and he;'s out of there! He's still that skittish even after 6 years.

  4. My mom holds it like yours does, Ruby.

  5. We're too big to sit on our parents' lap, but if we were smaller, we know our mom would wait like your mom.

  6. de gurl uzez de litter box bee for her sitz down, ore triez two 😺😺‼️πŸ’™

  7. I always think that CB will just do his usual 10 minute lap nap, but sometimes, he just stays and he's laying right on my bladder, and I have to pick him up!

  8. It is wait as long as possible here too!

  9. At my age I can't hold it for long, but I try. I hate to disturb our babies.

    Have a fabulous day and week. ♥

  10. LOL...Mama usually bribes us to get up.
    Rosy & Sunny

  11. Misty and Timber are usually on my feet, too big for the lap and not allowed on the furniture. But they are so good about moving when I just say, OK, let's go. A few pets on the head is usually enough of a thank you or maybe a belly rub when I get back.

    The Momster


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