Thursday, June 13, 2024

Poetry Thursday


The two Spoiled Cats have challenged the blogging community to write a poem based on the picture below

Thelma told Steve she needed to go to the mall

Which interfered with his day of watching football

Swearing to himself he thought “of all the unmitigated gall.”

But if he didn’t he knew he would have no peace at all

He hurried to their destination like it was a race

And he ignored the cross look on his wife’s face

he got to the jammed lot he looked for a parking space

He was certain there had to be one someplace

There was only one place in the parking lot

And he sped to it like a gunshot

When a woman in a red car came up on his blind spot

And took his spot' spurring a vocal onslaught

Steve shouted “you bitch, you cow, you whore.

I am going to key your door.”

The woman then did something he abhor

She turned her back and to him, she did ignore


Steve sat in the lot his face beat red

Thinking of all the ways he could make her dead

But he formulated another plan instead

“I think I can slide in between them,” he said

Before Thelmas could scream no

He hit the gas and they did go 

He hit her bumper and his car lifted like it was picked up by a tornado

A satisfied Steve said “how you like me now ho.”

They had to climb out of the car

Steve had to pull her out like the last pickle in a jar

Steve hurried her in where she could shop and he eat at the snack bar

And light himself a victory cigar

But that was the end of his fun

A police man came to him with a drawn gun

It happened to her, so Edith Bunker could say what he had done

Steve had parked on top of a subaru filled with nuns


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