Monday, October 5, 2009

Foley's Big Baby Sitting Injury

Foley: Saturday was groomer day and both Pocket and I came out looking even more beautiful than usual. We were going to go to the Nursing Homes to see Aunt Bev but it was raining cats and pigs so we went home for what I presumed would be a snuggle night. But a short time later the leashes were out again and we were back in the car to spend the night with our grandbabies, Mackenzie, Emily and Kiley.

Pocket: I so just wanted to sleep. I have been working night and day on my campaign, I needed to have the perfect cut for my posters and I was looking forward to a night lying to top of the pillows piled on the couch. But the next thing I knew I we were back in the car and off to our human sister Kellie’s house to baby site our grandbabies Mackenzie, Kiley and Emily.

Foley: We got there and Daddy took me to do a Vick so I didn’t do one in the house. Daddy is so funny. It’s a new house and has lots of things not finished like lighting. Daddy tripped on the bricks, over a pile of mulch, stepped in mud and sunk. I was laughing so hard I couldn’t Vick.

Pocket: I got in the house and the children come running up to me, and I can’t help myself I get excited, tail wagging, tongue hanging out, the whole nine yards. The girls are running around me, there are humans standing and talking making loud noise.

Foley: Daddy finally got tired of falling down so he brought me in the house.

Pocket: And then Princess Diva came inside.

Foley: Everyone turned their attention to me, which they should, as I was brought in. I went down on the floor and barked, and spun, and stood on my back legs, and wiggled my butt for 37.3 seconds, and then jumped on Daddy’s lap in the chair having given all I had.

Pocket: Well Foley’s entrance just sucked the air right out of the room. She hurries over to take her perch on Daddy’s lap and I jump up on the stool and then Mackenzie comes over with a flexi leash and asks if she can put it on Foley and walk her around the house and Daddy says no, Foley’s nine and she’s earned the right not to be led around the house on a leash. Then Mackenzie asks about if she can do it to me and Daddy says, “Pocket’s only two and she hasn’t earned anything yet.” What the hell? Next thing I know I’m leashed up and she’s walking me around the room.

Foley: Pocket doesn’t walk well on a leash outside, inside she got wrapped around stools, lamps, chairs, various people. Mackenzie doesn’t own a dog and doesn’t know how to unwrap one, so she just tugged on the leash pulling Pocket backwards except Pocket’s got no backwards genes so she just dug her nails into the hardwood floor and skidded and I sat on Daddy’s lap laughing.

Pocket: I love the grandbabies, I love to play with the grandbabies, but this wasn’t fun. Daddy was sitting in the big chair with Foley staring at the TV screen with that stupid game they play on, and Mommy was talking to the other loud humans, and I was being skidded around like I was on the Jamician curling team.

Foley: Mommy ended the fun by telling Mackenzie to stop and then Daddy found two Harry Potter movies on cable and all the kids settled in for the night.

Pocket: Mackenzie put me with her and I cuddled right up on the blanket and it was just perfect. Emily and Kiley would come wandering in but Mackenzie was my protector now not letting the other girls play with me. Plus I learned a lot about Harry Potter. It’s a wonderful story about a dark haired Professor trying to put up with a lot of obnoxious kids.

Foley: Midway through the second movie Mommy said it was time for the kids to go to bed so as I always do I followed her up the stairs, but there not like the stairs home, which go up four, turn, go up two more, turn, and the four more. There are about 14 of the steps and they go straight down. As I was walking down after putting the kids to bed my back end got higher then my top end and I twisted a little, and my front paws, slid, and the next thing I know I was sliding down the stairs butt first.

Pocket: I was at the bottom of the steps and Foley that klutz began to go bouncy, bouncy, bouncy, backwards down the stairs in what looked like the most fun game ever.

Foley: I remember what I was thinking. I was thinking AAHHHHHHH!

Pocket: We had got bows in our hair and Foley’s was bright pink. She landed at the bottom of the stairs curled up and she lifted her head and the first thing Mommy saw was the pink bow and she thought it was a cut in Foley’s head and she went AAHHHH!

Foley: Oh my god! Where was my dignity? I stood up, and my back right leg was sore and wasn’t working right, so I couldn’t move fast, and then everyone was rushing towards me, even the kids out of bed who heard the yelling, and I picked up by Mommy.

Pocket: I tried to nip her as she was being picked up. I’m not proud of it.

Foley: I got brought to the couch and got poked, prodded, pulled and petted when all I wanted was to curl up with Mommy. Everyone determined I was OK, which is great news when a three year old gives you the medical thumbs up: If she’s on a death panel we’re all screwed. The kids went back upstairs while Daddy held on to me downstairs, and I still fought with him because I wanted to say goodnight.

Pocket: I didn’t want Foley to be hurt. I was glad she wasn’t. But again, she got all the attention. Everybody loves Foley.

Foley: I fell asleep hard on Mommy’s lap, and slept most of the day Sunday. But I’ll be ready for Tanner Brigade football on Monday.

Pocket: Great, I’m two years old and my sister is Tom Delay.

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