Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Where Foley develops a plan to pay the Weasel

Do any of you know how many baths it takes to get weasel stink out off your fur? I don't think I have been dry for two days.

When I was bathing, I was talking with my sister concerning what to do about the Weasel's demands. This is what I decided. Pocket's an idiot.

I have many thoughts about how to proceed and sometimes I sit, and arrange them in nice rows, and study them. Other times they get all jumbled in my head and it hurts.

But, when I do get them lined up I see them like this.

We should enroll in the $20.00 plan, since our smart friends like Erin and Kolchak figured out how to embed the music player, we won't lose anything. We'll figure out how to do the videos, we have Erin, the ruler of the 'net on our side.

So how do we pay for it? I tried to get them to take Lily's Tanner bucks but they don't deal in cash, the weasels. I tried to arrange an all star tribute to the Tanner Brigade but I insisted on having Justin Beiber sing lead and it turns out he's such a diva. I tried a dog-a-thon but all I got paid with were kibbles.

So I went to talk to Mommy about it. She said that the best solution is the simplist solution, and nothing is easier then taking a nap, so we did. Then, we woke up, because Pocket started barking when she heard a butterfly flutter it's wings. Mommy said that she had thought hard during her nap, and that she could put the cost of the Brigade on her credit card.

I was very excited. Mommy would pay the whole freight for us. I was ready to bark to all my friends when Mommy said: "Hold it Charlie," and I wondered who the hell Charlie was. She told me that my friends would have to chip in $5.00 a year to help defray the cost, and I wonder what the hell defray the cost meant.

OK so here are the Final Foley Rules (unless you guys want to change them, you know, its up to you guy, I'll go along.)

Each member shall send a check to the address at the end of the blog. Exceptions are:

If you have more than one account for your dogs you only have to pay for one.

If your only page is for a dog who is now at the Bridge you do not have to pay. I know that once dogs pass to the bridge their owners stop by less, but those pages are the story of the final year of their life and I do not want to delete their pages, in other words I won't delete Ladybug's page or Morgan's page. If you have a dog at the bridge and are sharing that page with dogs who are still bopping around with us we would expect you to pay, or if you have a page for a dog at the bridge, and a page for your current dogs, you're expected to pay.

Now, if you can't pay there is another option. You need to let me know you can't pay. Then there are several scenarios that come into play.

You can ask a dog you are friends with to pay for you.

You can send everyone a message stating that you need a sponsor and see if anyone responds.

You can send me a message saying you need a sponsor and I can either send out a message saying that you need a sponsor, or, I could say a dog needs a sponsor, and not say your name, and see if anyone would like to anonmously sponsor you.

We do not want to delete any members who are active but are facing hard financial times so I am certain we can work something out. We will lose members though, but I believe they will only be inactive members. If you can't pay please don't just drop out. We don't want to lose anyone who wants to stay here.

I hope this balancs those of you who don't think it's fair that some pay and some don't, and those who can't pay and need to reach out for help. I am sorry to put you in the position to reach out for help but sometimes in life you have to ask for help and when you do great forces will come to your aid. We already have two members who have stepped up to pay for two others, and they did so without being asked, and wish to remain anonymous. This is what makes us a Brigade.

Our goal is to be able to raise the money for the year by July 1, 2010 so we can pay for the year. If you cannot pay by then you at least have to contact us to either ask for help or to ask for time.

We will keep you posted of the money as it comes in. If we get extra money then we won't need to start fund raising until later next year. Say we collect $300.00, we pay $200.00 for this year, then pay for the next five months with the extra money, and we won't start asking for money until November 2011. I hope this makes sense. My little head hurts.

I am still tinkering with the idea of giving credit by having a group of members sponsor a month. I would include those who were sponsored, but all that's for another day of thinking. Let me know what you paws this, and don't be afraid to say if you think it's sucks.

The last thing I want to be is a Princess.

If you would like to send a check you can make it out to Marsha Gay and send it to:

Foley Monster and Pocket Dog
96 Danforth Street
Taunton MA 02780

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  1. We are in Mexico so we don't have a check account in dollars....what can we do?
    Pintus & Rain