Friday, August 27, 2010

Sage is our August 29, 2010 put of the week

While the luckiest humans are the ones who get to live with wonderful dogs like us who comprise the Brigade I also know that being a pup parent can be a difficult duty. We do all carry with us in our mouths our own baggage of stress. Some of us bark; some poop; some chew; some pee; some dig; some bite; some are aggressive; some passive. But we never cause more stress then when we get sick.

We don't mean to cause stress. Oh we mean to when we do all that other stuff. Sometimes we do it just out of spite. But not when we get sick. It's no picnic for us either.

Our pup of the week, Sage, has been causing his Mom some unwarranted stress for quite some time, and he's been just sick about if - and just sick.

Like a bomb blast it started with a tick. We all know ticks. They are tiny and live in tall grass, which we can't help sniffing because sometimes you never know when a friend is going to leave pee mail there. While we are innocently catching up on the news those blood suckers latch on to us (and they really are blood suckers, not the way humans call politicians or plumbers blood suckers, they literally suck blood, which shows you how bad they are; they're the second worst thing you can be, and I won't mention the worse one, but once one crawled off me and climbed on to Daddy's....and then the thing bit....and boy did Daddy whine about that) and not only do they suck blood but they carry disease like some wanton woman who wears short dresses and waits for the Navy down at the pier and spread it to my friends (and this is the longest sentence I have ever written I need to lie down for awhile.)

Now our friend Sage wasn't bit by just any tick. He was bit by a Rocky Mountain tick. He was bit by a tick with an address. Probably a condo. Up in the mountains. And these are the worse kind of ticks to get bitten by because they need a lot blood because they have a mortgage and yard tp keep up. Originally it looked very dire for our friend Sage. But he fought and fought to stay with his Mom.

This week his Mom waited for an important blood test to come in. She was looking for an improvement. Unfortunately the blood test had not changed and she was very upset. Damn tick with an unaffordable mortgage. Ticks buying homes in the mountains caused our economic problems too.

But then she got another call and said that it was a good thing that the blood levels hadn't changed. Not only had our little Sage kicked that upper class tick's ass, but they can't hurt him now.

So for overcoming the odds, for making his Mom happy, for writing a blog with the biggest font size since Hattie Mae's blog on the bombing of Pearl Harbor because she was so happy, and for sticking it to the rich tick, Sage is our pup of the week

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