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Sierra and Smartie are our March 6, 2011 pups of the week

On the first Sunday in  March, as the snow melts and this cold winter creeps towards spring, we take time to salute our "seasoned" pups (see I told you I would steal that word) who are "fit as a fiddle" (I stole that too) Sierra and Smartie.

This week both our friends had appointments with the veterinarian.  I myself am a seasoned lollipop.  I too am fit as a fiddle except  for my danged teeth, one of which may need to be removed.  I know, from seeing their nervousness, that each year when we go to our annual examination is a little more stressful for our Mommies and Daddies.

Let's start with the sometimes overshadowed Smartie (although we have no idea who Smartie is overshadowed by.)  Somehow, in his well seasoned 13th year, he has managed to lose weight, something that no healthy older dog has been able to accomplish.  Plus all Smarties' vitals were good.  And the best news of all is that his vick still smells. Once your vick stops stinking it's all down hill.  There was even a fatty lump that was causing some distress but the doctor said there was no reason for concern. 

Which brings us to Sierra from whom I have stolen the word seasoned from.  Sierra, close to 13, Smarties' age, had a check up as well.  I was concerned when I read her blog that she went to the doctors in the Middle Ages because it seemed this veterinarian was drawing a lot of blood from Sierra, but the vet pronounced Sierra too fit, active and in perfect condition for a pup her age.  The seasoned citizens are going strong.

Could our wise Brigade friends be helping in extending the lives of our seasoned pups?  I would like to think so.  Look at the health group that was started by the wonderful Ms. Jackie under the name of her health challenged little love Sage.  Every day you can go there and find out something on food, seizures, illnesses, almost any malady that could strike a dog and get answers without seeking out a vet. Smartie's Mom Miss Darla credits Kolchak's Mom Ms. Jodi for recommending the Evo dog food that has kept the stank in her poo among other benefits.

Along with Pocket and I, and Kolchak and Felix, Smoochy has joined us in the huge, dark world of blogging.  Besides the personal glory that we bask in daily we are following some blogs that have wise pups with lots of health knowledge which we come back home with and post on the health pages.  You can also follow our friend Buttons at the Bridge's Mom Nadia HERE or even purchase a copy of her fine book The Healing Art of Pet Parenthood.

Pocket and I delve into the wide world of Twitter find some information to keep our friends healthy too.  So here is to our Pups of the Week Sierra, and Smartie and to all dogs who are living to the age of teenage rebellion.  And here are to the pups like Sage, Saffron, Kolchak, Felix, and Buttons who work so hard at keeping us all healthy.

As Smartie said as he raised a paw with a glass of seltzer water to us all :"To Everyone's Health.:"


  1. Hurray for good health check ups and owners who drag the dogs to get them.


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