Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Petfinder's Adopt the Internet Day Our Home Town Taunton MA

Today is Petfinder's Birthday and also their first Adopt the Internet Day.  Anyone willing can use their blogs, Facebook Status or Twitter to help promote pets who need good homes.  We are going to start with dogs in our local Taunton Ma Animal Shelter and Yorkies Inc Placement Service

Our first dog is an Australian Cattle Dog named Finn.  Your can check out his profile Here
Our next cute little local pup is a Yorkie and we know Yorkies should never be in shelters.  Her name is Glitter.  She is seven years old and her profile is HERE
And there is another little Yorkie, five years old, named Ivy who you can find out about here
If your interested in a hound dog then you can read about Sara HERE
For friends of big dogs could you find a spot in your heat for Mandy an American Staffordshire Terrier that you can learn about here
Have you met any Brussels Giffons?  How about Dexter and Danny who can read about here
One of our favorite pups who is now at Rainbow Bridge was named Ladybug.  This Ladybug is up for adoption and if she is anything like our friend she will bring joy and love into your heart.  Read about her here

And finally we have an adorable Bichon named GiGi to brighten your home.  Learn about her here


  1. We're in love with little Ivy. Mama says if she wasn't so Dog Damned far away, we might have ended up with a sister. This whole Petfinder promo has been very traumatic for me. I feel like Mama is searching for my replacement.

  2. I agree with Kolchak. Mom is deeply in love with a Lab mix in North Carolina. 1100 miles away. But hey I could use a road trip.


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