Saturday, January 21, 2012

A gift from the very special Shiloh the Star Gazer

Thursday we went to the mailbox and there was a present addressed to my parents but it was from Shiloh the Stargazer. We thought it was something for us because Shiloh was our Secret Bub Receiver this year. We had so much fun buying stuff for her because she is so wonderful.

We hurried home and Daddy opened the box. Unfortunately it was not something for us, but in a way it was. It was a lovely key box with Shiloh’s picture on it. It looks like this.

Now you might ask why this helps us. Because when we go for our walks Daddy can never find his keys or wallet. We have to stand around with our legs crossed while he storms around the house cursing and looking for his keys. Now he knows where his keys are so there is no leg crossing for us, only paw crossing when we say we don’t know who peed under the table.

When Mommy saw the gift she told Daddt he should do something like this for Smoochy who was our secret bub. Daddy said he had no nowhere near the skills that Shiloh’s Dad had but none of us wanted to hear it. We banished him to the wood shed.

Well, things did not go well. After four hours all Daddy could make was a log. Mommy got so mad she burned it.

So sorry Smoochy, no new key box for you, Daddy isn’t as good as Shiloh’s Dad at making things.

But to you Shiloh the Star Gazer and your parents Mommy, Daddy, and us two little Yorkies want you to know how much your gift touched us. Thank you so much and it was more than a pleasure being your Secret Bub.

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