Sunday, February 12, 2012

Elyse is our February 12, 2012 Pup of the Week

For the first time in history of Pup fo the Week we are going to name a pup who is not only not a member of the Tanner Brigade, but a dog I have never met, online or off, nor have I ever barked at.  In fact it wasn’t even until this pup had made the trip to the Bridge that I learned of her.

Elyse was an eight week of puppy from Tucumcari New Mexico.  She had been surrendered to a shelter and was in search of parents she could adopt and take care of for years to come.  Thanks to the work of the good humans who try so tirelessly to help us dogs find their people a family was found for Elyse.

But us dogs do need help getting across the many miles from where the spot we were surrendered to the place where our adoptive humans await.  To make the trip we have to depend on the kindness of strangers, who aren’t getting a pup for their efforts, or any money, but are just doing it for the love of us pups.  We have so many human friends who do this and while we appreciated it, it wasn’t until this weekend, when we saw a story posted by Pokey’s and Maggie’s Mom, Aunt Laura, who, when she is healthy, makes trips several times a month on the dangerous roads of the Northeast, that we realized that people were putting their lives on the line to help us get to their forever homes.  

Elyse was going to be transported to her forever home by a well traveled pet transporter named Catherine Bugg.  She took the first leg of Elyse’s transport from Tucumcari to Amarillo Texas.   She was to meet with another transporter to make the second leg, but Catherine and Elsie did not arrive.  The transporter for the second leg called Kerin Hanson who volunteers with the organization Rescue Road Warriors.  Kerin called the state police to find out if there was any reason why Catherine and Elsye would be running late and received devastating news. 

While driving on Route I-40 rain turned to ice turning the freeway into a skating rink.  The car that Catherine Bugg and Elyse was in spun out of control and slammed into the center median.  The car exploded and Elyse never made it to her forever parents and Catherine never it back to her pups and family waiting at home for her.

Catherine also leaves behind the people who saved and worked so hard in finding Elyse a new home:  the workers at the City of Tucumcari Animal Rescue.  

And those who knew Elyse in her short life saw her grow from a scared puppy dumped at the shelter to a smart little girl who loved to snuggle.

So this is for Catherine and Elyse, who both died way too young, and for all the Moms in our groups who have done so many transports and are risking so much for us little dogs and for all my friends who were ever transported.  It is a sad day.  

Anyone interested in making a donation in Catherine's memory can do so:
Tucumacari Animal Hospital, 101 N 10th Street, Tucumcari, NM  88401, (575) 461-3900


  1. This was such a sad story.

  2. Tragic story. Too much to comprehend - why bad things happen to good people.

  3. Thank you so much for sharing this story. If you're going to be driving any transports this weekend, please wear black and purple in mourning and to symbolize unity in rescue.

  4. Her car did not slam into the median and explode.
    One killed in Tucumcari crash
    Saturday, Feb 11 2012, 5:31 pm
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    A Tucumcari woman was killed Saturday morning in a traffic accident on Interstate 40.
    State Police Capt. Jimmy Glascock said Catherine Priddy-Bugg, 51, of Tucumcari, died from injuries suffered in a three-vehicle accident on I-40 west of Tucumcari.
    Glascock said the accident occurred at 9:03 a.m., at mile marker 323 west of Tucumcari. I-40 was closed more than five hours as state police investigated and cleaned up the wreckage.
    Glascock said Bugg was driving a 2001 Ford pickup eastbound on I-40 when she struck a patch of ice and slid into oncoming traffic in the westbound lane. He said Bugg’s pickup was struck by a Kenworth semitruck driven by Jose Frayre, 62, of El Paso, Texas.
    “The cab of the pickup was separated from the frame upon impact,” Glascock said.
    Glascock said the resulting impact of the initial crash forced the semi to strike a 2008 GMC Envoy driven by Brock Hileman, 19, of La Fayette, Texas, pinning it between the barrier.
    “Both Frayre and Hileman were able to get out of their vehicle,” Glascock said. “There were some injuries but none of them appeared to be life threatening.”
    Glascock said Bugg was wearing her seatbelt but was thrown from the vehicle. She died at the scene.

  5. More detailed, background information. Shame that some people use such a tragedy to bump up their coordinator presence.