Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Playing blog tag with Koli and Feli, and tagging two French Bulldogs

I checked out my good friend Koli’s blog a few days ago.  Koli said he loves to play tag.  Pocket like to play chasing games.  I like games where I get picked up, snuggled, and give licks.  So I am thinking oh Koly you sucker.

The idea of Koly getting tagged amused me.  And then I got to the end of the blog and found out that Koly tagged me.  Oh boo laa laa.   Then Pocket reminded me that I am considered a senior dog and I said, wait a minute, I think I can tag, I think I can tag, i think I can tag, I think I can tag, I can tag!  Look at me tagging!

After exhausting myself I re-read the blog and found out it was blog tagging.  Wow it was like reading War and Peace then finding out there was a movie.  So I have to answer some questions to qualify to tag someone else.  So here we go.  

#1: Describe yourself in 7 words
Beautiful Yorkie Lollipop Queen of all media

#2: What keeps you up at night?
Human farts.  Can we talk?  If you sleep in bed with Mommy and Daddy you know what I mean.   All night long it’s toot toot toot.  It’s like sleeping with the Miami Horns.  And the smell!  Not that I don’t like the smell.  I love the smell.  But you humans you need to understand.  When we’re under the covers and you fart”  First, it wakes us up.  Then comes the smell.  Have you, human, ever walked in a house and smelled delicious cookies baking and knew you couldn’t eat one?  That’s what it’s like when a human toots under a blanket.

#3: Who would you like to be?
Whether I'm right or whether I'm wrong
Whether I find a place in this world or never belong
I gotta be me, I've gotta be me
What else can I be but what I am

#4: What are you wearing right now?
I’m not that type of lollipop perv.  But, for all you Joan Rangers out there, I am wearing my red and black sweater that Smoochy’s Mom bought for me.  And I am best dressed.

#5: What scares you?
Oh the usual.  Dying alone.  Not making the mortgage .  The situation in Syria.  No, I’m just being silly.  There is only one ting that scares me.  That when Mommy and Daddy go out they won’t come back.  Everything else is just momentary problems.  But Mom and Dad are my everything.  

#6: The best and worst of blogging?
Well Pocket and I just love the feedback.  A lot.  There is nothing that makes us prouder than hearing that we made you smile.  Sometimes we even take satisfaction that we made you cry, if that was our intent.  If we wanted to make you laugh and your cried. that’s a problem.

The worst part is when we’re trying to think of a blog. Sometimes I just wait for Pocket or Daddy to do something silly.  Doesn’t take too long.  In those rare instances when that doesn’t happen I might have to look up dog news.  But usually Daddy and Pocket don’t let me down.

#7: Last website You Visited?
It was the Tanner Brigade.  We are working on a super secret special project.  We will be announcing it soon.  We also visited Twitter, Facebook and Blogger where we have lots of friends and Google Plus where, I think, they think we are freaks.  

#8: What is one thing I would change about myself?
What. are you serious?  Have you seen me?  I have it going on.  Maybe a little less girth but not much.  Or being a better speller.  Maybe a few years younger.  But you know what?  I’m a dog and unlike humans we are very content with who we are

#9: Slankets: yes or no?
We do have sweaters and coats but no slankets.  I like being warm but am not crazy about being hot.  I spend most of the night sleeping above the covers.  Not six feet over the covers, I am not possessed, but lying on top of them.  Mommy has a snuggly.  I like lying on top of it.  If I got a slanket I would lie on top of it.  Is that bad form?

#10: Tell us something about the dogs that tagged you.
Oh what can’t we tell you about Kolchak and Felix.  We go to them for everything.  For advice in food, for blogging advice, for good friendship which they have plenty of.  They are truly an inspiration in this blogging world of ours.  They did all the work to change our blog.  They have helped us promote it.  And they did it for nothing.  (Well, Aunt Jodi stole our couch.)   In our opinion Aunt Jodi, Kolchak and Felix are the best even if they are Canadian.  The day we met them is our gotcha day because it’s a day we met such great friends  

Alright folks, YOU'RE IT!   
Who to tag?  Who to tag?  I tag:  Benny and Lily, of /  Let’s see what you have your terrifically fun pair.  


  1. Oh my word kids we were already tagged by Bowie....we sure willplay again since we like that tag...THANK YOU!!!!
    Great answers
    Benny & Lily

  2. Sweeeeeeeet. I love when you guys do trivia posts. Your answers are so... unique. I am not sure that I am with you on this farting thing though. My Daddy smells like he is dead inside. I actually gag.


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