Sunday, February 19, 2012

Shiloh is our February 19, 2012 Pup of the Week

Blogs like this are my favorite to write..  I enjoy it because there is not a touch of sadness in this.  It is about joy, and about the wonderful endeavours that same pups do for no other reason than just to put a smile on another pup’s mug.  Sometimes, in the hard times, there are no better gifts we can give than smiles.  

Shiloh the Star Gazer has set out on a quest to put smiles on as many pups faces as possible.  She has done so by reaching out to our friends for help.  And she wisely used subterfuge to get it done.

She wanted to do a picture books for two pups.  The wonderful Tommy Tunes and the noble Leo the Chow.  But how do you keep a secret like that?  Well, I don’t know if she looked to the stars for answers of if she is the most clever pup there is.  She told Leo they were doing a book for Tommy, told Tommy they were doing a book for Leo, and then contacted all their friends and told them to not whisper a word,  but she was actually making books for both of them.  Pups sent Shiloh a page with pictures and comments for Tommy and another pager with pictures and comments for Leo.  

Whenever Shiloh wrote about the books, Tommy thought she was writing about Leo’s book, and Leo thought she was writing about Tommy’s book.  And we all went along with it because it was such a neat trick and we were all kind of confused.

Shiloh’s parents then made lovely books with wooden covers and she sent them out to Tommy and to Leo.  Needless to say they were both thrilled and moved by the gesture and thanked us all, but the truth was the only one who deserved thanks was Shloh for the brilliant, kind idea she had, and for the honor of letting us participate in the act of kindness.

Shiloh chose not just to rest on her kind laurels.  A friend of ours is going through some tough times and it was Shiloh who popped up and said we need to do something kind for this friend.   We don’t want to say who it is here because we don’t want to spoil the day in case the reads this but it is another sign of what a nice and special dog that Shiloh is.  

Shiloh also helps us plan our months with her wonderful astrological predictions.  I wouldn’t know which way to chase a squirrel up a tree with Shiloh.

Last year I was Shiloh’s Secret Bub.  I had a wonderful time sending her toys and keeping her confused with riddles.  When we were done Shiloh sent us a wonderful hand made key box.  She’s just the sweetest pup.

So it isn’t a big picture book, or a key box, it’s just a simple blog.  But we are writing it to thank Shloh and her parents for being the sweetest pup and owners in the world.  


  1. Now you've done it, Mum's eyes are leaking ;) This was terribly sweet of you. (((H))) Shiloh

  2. Hi Remington here! Thank for stopping by my blog! NIce to meet you! That is a very nice sweet....BTW -- I am going to follow, not around your living room....just in Blogland....I hope we can be great friends!