Friday, February 3, 2012

Sounds that causes dogs pain

Studies how that dogs are sensitive to certain sounds.  Take Pocket for example  She does not like the high pitched sounds that emit from smoke and carbon dioxide alarms that have failing batteries enclosed.  Other dogs hate the sound of thunder or fireworks.  To help identify with the common every day dog I have made a list of sounds that I cannot tolerate.

The word “no.”  I do not understand it and hearing it is very harmful to my ears.  Mommy says this word a lot.  When I sit on her chest while she is having a snack and stare into her eyes she says it.  When I want to have some chicken she is enjoying for supper she says it.  When I decide I have taken as much of Pocket as I can and want to kill her she says it.  It is a very bad word and it hurts my brain.  I wish she would stop.

The word “down.”  
This is interchangeable with the word “off.”  The words are so offending all we can do is lie down and put our paws over our ears if we are on furniture, or jump up on a person enticing them to pick us up and  cover our ears.  Either way it seems quite counterproductive. 

The sound of the last precious kibbles spilling from the bag.  Oh what a lonely sound that is.  Will there be more kibble?  Did humans stop making them?  What will we live on?  The sound of the last kibble is most frightening of sounds, but the first rip of a new bag of kibble and that first whiff of fresh kibble, there is nothing better.

The sound of humans chewing.  
 This noise is just awful.  It can only be abated by the humans sharing the food with us.  Most humans thing that we stare into their eyes, beg, or bark, because we want food, but we just either want to stop the horrible sound of human chewing or quell the sound with our on chewing.  Honest.

The sound of the vacuum:  Not only does it suck, but I am part of nature and we all abhor it.

The sound of absolutely nothing in the middle of the night:  This causes us to sit up, hear nothing, and then begin to bark loudly to wake everyone up.  We just want you to make that sound of silence stop.  It’s so annoying.

The sound of car keys:  Oh this is a terrible sound, this sound makes us go run and hide.  Most of the time we hear this sounds we know we are going to be left alone and not have a warm lap for awhile.  And who knows when our parents are coming back?   This sound can be cured by the sound of us being told that we are allowed to come with our parents on a trip.  If your parents want to make sure you never suffer from this sound have them take you where ever they go in the world.

The sound of velcro.  This one is rather personal.  Whenever I wear a jacket that is attached under my belly by velcro straps, and they are pulled apart, I give a loud yip because it sounds like my guts are being ripped out.

So please humans, stop these harmful sounds so us pups can live in peace.


  1. Blue says she a happy dog because she can't hear any of these horrible sounds.

  2. Oh wow, what an excellent post Foley Monster. It's quite obvious you have done your research and taken copious notes. I especially identified with the last of the kibble... a horrible, horrible sound!

  3. Ok.. I agree, but the other sound I hate is the sound of the scale. Our scale is a yappy liar that talks. It lies and because of its lies I am on a diet. I would gladly rip her throat out , but the stupid thing is made out of plastic and metal and I can't find a face, let alone a throat. We have started to call her "misery"' but personally I think that's too good of a name for her. LB is more appropriate. You figure it out. Momma calls her that too. And other names...

  4. I hate those sounds too. You know what other sounds I hate? The sound of fingers on a keyboard. You know why? It means the Mama is doing something other than paying attention to me. The only thing that keeps this one at bay is the human petting you.