Sunday, October 14, 2012

Brody is our October 14, 2012 Pup of the Week

Every week I come to you and ask you to join me in either praying for, helping, or recognizing a friend.  This week I come in praise of our old pal Brody.

I know what you are saying my little monsters.  Foley, we cannot praise a dog for eating a couch, or for running down and devouring a doe in one bite, but I do not come here today to praise our friend's ravenous appetite but to reward him for recognizing his endless eating habits are a poor lifestyle choice and to begin to exercise, and by exercising, to help other dogs in need.

Brody went for a walk with his Mom Candice, who has no extra calories because her day is spent trying to corral an infant, a toddler, and a  Brody, for a good cause.  It was to benefit the Arizona Animal League and SPCA, the largest no kill shelter in Arizona.

Brody and the fam live in Maricopa County which is the second worst county in the nation for euthanization of dogs.  Of the five million pups who are put to death in this country as many as 60,000 a year are in Maricopa County.

Brody was lucky enough to come from the Arizona Animal League and SPCA and did not have to go to that horrible kill shelter.  But the shelter has limited funds and can’t take all the dogs who need rescuing, and that is why Brody and his Mom were walking.

Brody and his Mom set a goal of raising $1,000 for this great organization.  And they were able to do it and accomplish this goal without Brody eating a Volvo on the route.  So, because of them, their two feet and four paws, and the very generous friends who donated money to their cause, they were able to save many dogs in their area.  And, while there are plenty of good things that dogs can do in this world, one the of the greatest goods they can do is to save other dogs.  So way to go Brody and Candice (and a very big happy first birthday today to Brody’s human sister Carly.)

And while saving other pups is a big reason why we recognize Brody we also appreciate his ability to always put a big smile on our faces with links like this one ( and this picture.

So thank you Brody for being one of our favorite pups, for doing so much for other dogs, and for having a great pack, including your Mom, her husband Jeff, and adorable babies Carly and Blake.  Now please free Blake.


  1. If you didn't see yesterdays post re missing furry friend can you pop by and see if you can help. Anything we can do will be greatly appreciated. Have a happy Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. What a great cause, the world needs more no-kill animal shelters!
    Dip Bridge and Elliot x

  3. We are happy you saved Brody from that shelter. Paws crossed he finds his forever home
    Benny and Lily

  4. Brody and I are honored. Thank you Foley :)