Sunday, October 7, 2012

Clementine, Holly, and Lots of Other Dogs and Humans in Need of Prayers are Our October 7, 2012 Pups of the Week

I have been very pleased that, in the last few weeks, I have been able to write my Sunday blog about happy stories with healthy dogs.  But, as we all know, we are a delicate species with short life spans compared to our human friends, and it is only a matter of time before one, or more of us, is in need of prayers.

Our first prayer request is for our good friend Clementine.  ,.  She is the leader of such a wonderful pack.  They, like Hattie Mae and her pack, and Sydney and her pack, are our fashion plates.  Clementine’s Mom is a groomer and she is always barking at us with grooming tips.

Clementine,has lost the sight in her right eye.  The poor girl is suffering from inflammation in her eye, a retinal detachment, and has secondary glaucoma in both eyes.  The loss of her eyesight, and what has caused the inflammation, is a mystery.  She will have to go through several tests to determine what has caused her loss of sight.  She now is receiving medication in both eye drop and lubricant form.  It is more likely her Mom will concentrate on keeping her sight in her left eye, as it is likely the retina will detach there too because it is a birth defect common in Cockers.  Her Mom believes it is wiser to try to keep her one eye in working order.  With everything she has to face she certainly is in need of prayers.

The second pup is our friend Lily’s sister Holly.
 Holly has been with her pack a long time. She is 16 years old and, even though she has had some close calls, was still going strong.  Recently Holly began to bleed from her nose.  At first her pack thought she had been nipped by one one her members.  The next time they thought was that she, who has failing eyes, had walked into something.  But the third time, when it was just gushing out of her nose, her Mom knew it was a serious situation.  The vet told her that it was a tumor that was eating away at her nose and the blood vessels contained within.  And then sadly, the biopsy came back positive.  Her Mom is trying to keep her comfortable and has made an appointment with an oncologist to see if there is anything that can be done.  We are asking for prayers for Holly as well.

Sadly, we can only pray for our third dog’s safe passage to the bridge:  Stacey Mae, a dog some of you might know from DS, others from Facebook.  She is a Greater Swiss Mountain Dog who had spent her life devoted to humans.  She recently received the American Humane Association Hero Dog Awards for Top Therapy dog of the year for her work in nursing homes.  She was a very well known dog on Internet Sites and in her town.  Her life ended tragically when she choked to death on a biscuit.  I can’t imagine the pain her family is going through.  Please pray for them and all those humans she helped her were left behind.
(Picture from Tommy Tunes)

Unfortunately there are more.  Our friend Maya may have had a seizure last night.  She came down stairs to visit family when she began to wobble.  When she got picked up she was trembling.  She was taken outside where she splayed out on the ground.  When she got up she was hunched and very wobbly.  The family rightfully feared a seizure.  As of now, according to vet’s orders, they are monitoring her.  The family needs prayers that there is nothing seriously wrong and that they seizure was an isolated case.

Also our friend Reyah needs prayers.  She has been licking her nether regions and peeing more than usual.  When she was asked to be taken out at 4:30 AM her Mom checked the discharge and it was blood.  She was given a quick Mom physical and cried out when her kidneys were touched so it seems like a kidney infection.  Prayers are needed that this is cleared up easily and painlessly.  

For those of you who know Fitzchen you know he recently went to the bridge.  Now, sadly, his sister Lucy may follow, as she has lymph node cancer.  Please pray that she can have more time with her Mom who just lost her precious Fitz.

Buddy Boy Smith ate a mole the other night.  He is probably going to be fine but I know his Mom is worried about him getting sick from the mole, so add him to our list.

Many of you may not have known of Angel but you might know her Mom Lilly Lawson-Klunder.  She recently had to put down her sweet pup Angel, who had Cushing’s Disease, and she and the pups in the pack are having a hard time since her passing.  Prayers needed all around.

And we cannot forget Jazzy.  Jazzy is being adopted by Angel Star’s family, but after the adoption it was found that she has cancer.  Her new Mom has paid for the surgery.  One doctor says she needs chemo and a second doctor says she needs chemo.  The adoption group will not pay for any of the care but Angel Star’s Mom has not let that stop her.  Jazzy needs big prayers to get to her forever home.

Our close friend Toby, who is in his forever home with Maggie and Pokey, needs prayers because it was recently discovered he has heart worm.  He is going through treatments right now and let’s pray they work.

Willie Nillie is doing well after his last surgery but his leg and life are still in danger as the cancer wraps around his bones and tendons so please don’t forget him.

Finally, Angel Bo’s, Sandy’s, Nikki’s and Bear’s  Mom posted that her only human daughter is very sick in the hospital and is struggling to survive so please pray for her full recovery.

I hope I did not forget a pup, human, or Mom who needs prayers.  If I have please add them.

I know these are a lot of prayers to ask for but they are all needed and they are all members of our family.  so let’s pray hard and send out positive thoughts so they all will survive.


  1. Healing paw and shed loads of love and positive vibes to all. Have a lovely Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Oh my god, so many prayers going out. Thank you for mentioning Jazzy Girl. Oh god I didn't know about Stacey Mae. That is so heartbreaking. Thank you for the update Foley Monster and Pocket.

  3. All our paws are crossed for every buddy's
    Benny & Lily

  4. Hey Foley Monster, Hey Pocket, Jet here.

    We're sorry to read of all your infirm friends on our first visit to your blog. Even though we are new acquaintances, please accept as many Jetty kisses and JJ hugs as your friends need. As for those near their OTRB crossing, and those who recently crossed, we send condolences to their loved ones and hope they hold their sweet memories in their heart pockets. :)

  5. I'm honored to pray for the pals you mention. It's so difficult to have our pets and family members be sick. Kelly had a few seizures before but hasn't had one in years now, so hopefully your friend Maya will be just fine.

  6. Our prayers, healing thoughts and love to all. Nothing hurts as much as watching one of our babies suffer... nothing.

  7. Our family's prayers are with all of the pups that need healing, extra attention, love and medical intervention. Thank you for mentioning our lovely Maya in this list, we love her so, so much and cannot bear the thought of a serious complication to her young life. We know that other families wait, watch, grieve and pray for the same strength we pray for right now. And for those not mentioned here, our wish is the same one it has always been; We wish peace, food, love and homes for all the doggies in the world. Amen

  8. We are sending all our healing vibes and prayers, hoping everything will be well soon.
    Dip Bridge and Elliot x

  9. I'm sorry to hear so much sad news. My thoughts are with them all.


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