Friday, October 19, 2012

Foley Monster Asks What's Up With All The Links?

Have you noticed, on both pup sites that I blog, Tanner Brigade and DoggySpace, that recently in our posts or comments there are words underlined, and, when you click on these words, they take you to advertisements?

I understand that humans live in a capitalistic society, and that they need to generate cash, but I want it understood that I Foley Monster, do not endorse any of these products, unless they are willing to slip a few extra kibbles into my bowl at night.

I don’t know which words ignite the links and which don’t so I would like to test it by using as many words that I think will activate these links in one blog.  The subject of the blog will be my speaking to Pocket about one day taking over my law practice.  Let us begin.

I am getting older and even though I have a very lucrative law practice I have been thinking about taking more time off, maybe a vacation.  Things are hard in the job market, and Mommy needs a lot of money to support her online dating service, so I brought Pocket into my office, had her sit on my Lazy Boy Recliner, and talked to her about taking over my practice.

“Pocket,” I said, “I think we can agree that you are one handsome pup but you can’t get by on being pretty and anti aging cream your entire life.  You are young and single but it is time to start thinking of your future.  I would like you to join me in my law practice.”

“Why Foley?  Are you becoming a Senior Citizen?  Are you suffering from erectile dysfunction, or painful rectal itch?  Why would you ask someone like me, who could use a few more hours of learning at a college or the learning annex, to be your apprentice? I don’t need student loans.”

“You won’t have to dig into your bank account or savings account or IRA or investments,” I assured her.  “You just watch how I do my job, you learn, and when I want some time off you become Pocket Dog Attorney at Log.”

Pocket was very concerned about this.  “Foley, I am not as educated as you are.  I don’t know the capital of Viagra. I don’t know anything about the characters in Greek mythology like the Cialis.  Anyway I just won two Spanish lotteries, the El Gordo and La Primitiva.  And you know my first love is medicine.  I have almost solved the mystery of penis enhancement.”

I didn’t want to cause Pocket major depression.  But I had my eye on a nice piece of real estate.  It was on the beach and had a no kill animal shelter where I could help pets.  I wouldn’t take any home as I don’t want to start a pet boarding business.  I also planned to make some changes to the interior of the car so I could drive.  Once I raise enough funds I can move the pedals so I can drive.  And maybe someday I could hook up with a cute emergency vet.

So Pocket has given up her dreams of getting a medical degree through an online university and is going to travel with me and learn the law game.  Then I can start planning my retirement, but that won’t be for a long time because Pocket has to get quite an education.  But I am looking forward to having a partner.

And when I do the first thing I am going to do is file a suit to stop these web sites from putting links all over our blogs.


  1. It would be easier to just bite ankles! Then maybe they wouldn't need a lawyer.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  2. You got linky gremlins we think. Have a super Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. Like scotsmad comment! Bite ankles BOL


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