Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Foley, Pocket and the Hattie Mae LIne

Last week I got a message from Hattie Mae saying that she had a few dresses that she and Jackie had outgrown, and would Pocket like them.  I didn’t check with Pocket.  I said yes.  Now, I must admit, I did not intend to give them to Pocket.  I was going to turn around and put those suckers on EBay then watch the kibble fall into my bowl.

The box arrived.  I waited anxiously as Mommy and Daddy used scissors, then a knife, then an industrial saw, on the box.  If you ever plan to mail plutonium across the country ask Hattie’s Mom to seal the box.  She is a marvel with tape.  Finally the box was opened.

Pocket stuck her nose in the box looking for what new designs she would receive but I Yorkie butted her out of the way.  “None of these are for you,” I snapped at her.  “These are original designs from Hattie Mae’s closet, we are going to sell them and get rich.”  Pocket tried to tell me this wasn’t why Hattie sent them to us but I had visions of golden kibbles in my eyes.

Pocket pulled out a little red and blue number with her teeth and ran off with it.  “Pocket, bad Pocket, get back here!”  I yelled as she scurried into the bedroom and shut the door.   Well, I could write that dress off.  Dogs would pay big money for a dress worn last by Hattie Mae but no one was wearing anything that was last worn by Pocket.

There were so many outfits that I lined them up from the front door, across the kitchen, and into the spare bedroom.  I began to think how much I could charge for each one.  I called over my lackey Daddy and told him to photograph the outfits and write down the prices.  He told me this was wrong but I gave him my sweet determined Yorkie look and he folded like a poleless tent.  He was snapping the photos when Pocket sauntered out of the bedroom like a brand new dog looking nothing but fine in her Hattie Mae wear.

“Take a picture of her!” I barked to my lackey.  Pocket made a wonderful model for these designs.  A good model could add thousands of kibbles to the price of a design.  I had never known what Pocket’s purpose in life was but now I knew.  She was born to model.

“Try on one of these,” Pocket said to me.  “They make you feel pretty and strut so confidentially.”

I dismissed the idea, then the lackey said to me:  “You should try one on.  If dogs are willing to spend more kibble on a design worn by Pocket how much more would they be willing to spend if it was worn by you?”

The lackey was talking sense.  I picked a halter top with a peace sign and a pretty skirt with a green print.  I went into my kitty condo and tried it on.  Suddenly I felt six years younger.  I came out and both Pocket and Daddy to me how beautiful I looked.  And you know what?  They were right.  I was beautiful.

I decided to keep this one outfit and brought lackey back to take more pictures for E Bay.   Then I saw a beautiful black outfit with little dalmatians sewed on.  It was precious.  I decided to model this one, and when I did I decided to keep it.

Pocket said if I got to keep clothes then she should get to keep clothes too.  I wanted to ignore her, but her clothes were very nice looking too.  Like all sisters I could sneak into Pocket’s kitty condo and steal her outfits.  They look better on me anyway.

I went back to look at the designs.  I couldn’t decide what to keep and what to sell so I decided to keep all of them.  I am not saying I am never going to sell them, but probably only if my Buddha belly keeps getting bigger and I can’t fit into them or they become torn and frayed.  

So let me give a big tip of the tail to Hattie, her little sister Jackie Lynn, who outgrew some of these clothes, and their wonderful Mom who is the world’s best dog clothes designer and seamstress.  You are cherished friends and we love you so much.

We have five pictures below.  We will be posting more.  Maybe we will have a fashion show blog a few times.  Hope you enjoy them.  


  1. definitely need fashion day...B-eutiful!
    Benny & Lily

  2. What a great fashion show. Looking forward to more. Have a terrific Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. this is what I call haute couture!!!!

  4. Somehow we don't think the kibble is going to be pouring in. However, you do look stylish!

    Thanks for stopping by our blog. We love to meet new dogs.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  5. Well aren't you two just the sweetest little things south of the Canadian border! Those dresses are more beautiful than anything I've ever seen. You look so so pretty!