Sunday, May 4, 2014

Stonewall Jackson is our May 4, 2014 Pup of the Week

It is true in both human and dog life:  Friends drift in and out, but once a soul become a friend they are a friend for life and beyond..  I had noy barked at General Stonewall for a long time.  On my first go around at DS we did lots of barking, but, like lots of friends, we drifted apart, occasionally leaving a random comment on a blog.  But, despite the interaction, The General and I are still friends, so I was saddened to see him climbing th steps after crossing over the Bridge.
I asked him what happened.  His sad eyes looked down at the Bridge and told me he was very worried about his Mom, who he loved very much.  They had over 17 years together  Stonewall had his share of health issues.  In the end it was his bones that literally let him down.  He couldn’t stand any longer, not even to pee. HIs Mom couldn’t bare to see him in pain, and she sent him to the Bridge, where his legs and spirit are young again, and he once again finds himself running happily through the fields.
For a dog who ended up living a very long and happy life Stonewall certainly had his share of illness and drama.  Stonewall’s origin is unknown.  He was just a puppy when he was found roaming the streets.  He was brought to a woman who had recently lost a poodle, and at first she was reluctant to bring a new pup into the home but Stonewall won her over with his charm.  
At a young age Stonewell began to suffer health issues.  He became paralyzed and needed surgery.  Even with the operation there was only a 50/50 chance he would walk again.  But Stonewall proved himself to be a miracle dog by coming through the operation and walking better than ever.
Stonewall thrived after his surgery, except for one day when his legs didn’t work too good and he scared his Mom, but that magically went away.  After that his Mom got sick with Bells Palsy and then vertigo and Stonewall took care of her like she had taken care of him.
In 2011 Stonewall began to have neurological problems:  Seizures, high blood pressure, plenty of vet visits, poking and prodding.  Like the paralysis Stonewall was able to fight through his illnesses and come out healthy and seizure free, but he was closing in on 14, His legs were bothering him again, as were his eyes.  This lead to the loss of an eye in 2013.  His mother had lost an eye earlier so they were quite the matched pair.
As Stonewall pushed through his 16th, and into his 17th year his legs got worse, until his Mom made the final decision that it was time to let him go.  He told me he waited so long to go to the Bridge because he loved his Mom so much.  I told him I knew what it meant.
He still spends lots of time visiting his Mom in her dreams (although the rules state that she can’t remember them) and watching over her in the River of Life.  Seventeen years is the longest I can remember a Mom and dog being together.  We know how much she hurts but hope she knows that Stonewall is always with her and always will be
We wish that was enough for his Mom, but it isn’t.  It’s never enough for anyone’s Mom.
But all us Bridge Angels would give anything if it was.


  1. 17 good years filled with love we say. Bless his mum it must be hard for her. Have a marvellous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. 17 years was a long time blessing although not long enuf...people might think that sounds stooped unless they have been loved by a doggie.
    stella rose