Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Pocket and River Have Differing Views of Cousin Neely's Visit

Pocket: Neely came, Neely went, and mostly, I yawned.  Last year when Neely stayed here I hated him.  I hid under chairs, never left Mommy’s side, my insides turned to water, it was a terrible situation.  Meanwhile, Foley either laughed at me or yawned.  Mommy anticipated the same thing this year.  And with me having digestion issues Mommy forecast nothing but disaster.  But I’m a big girl now, the leader of the pack, and I am now confident in my position in  my Mom’s heart, so, after a fit of initial barking, I mostly ignored the little bugger.
River:  Neely came and I hated him.  Who the hell was this guy?  Why are they bringing other dogs into the house?  Are they dissatisfied with my work?  Shouldn’t I have gotten some sort of warning?  The last time I was with a male in a house I ended up pregnant and then on the street.  I did not want this to happen again.
Pocket:  Neely had that faucet shut off a long time ago.  Mostly he’s just a big lovable goof ball who was missing his family.  I let him play ball with me in the morning and he didn’t hog the ball like River does when she plays with me, and he never attacked me in my sleep like River does, or get all defensive about her food like River does.
River:  That thing came walking in here like he owned the place, chewing my toys, sitting in my chair, and continually giving me the “How you doin’ look!”  And while Pocket didn’t have a bad poop the entire time he was here my appetite disappeared and I had to be fed separately and begged to eat.  That is not me.  Then, the last day he was here, he crapped all over the house, like he was going through something stressful.  Far from a model guest.
Pocket:  There was only one thing I cared about, that he stayed off my Mom’s lap, and he respected that.  He did spend a lot of time face licking Daddy, I think he almost ripped his lip off, but that’s OK.  Daddy was willing to lose a lip to keep peace in the house.  Anyone is welcome in the house as long as they stay off Mommy’s lap.
River:  I believe that dog took us to the edge of disaster.  Thank God we are back to Mommy, Daddy, Pocket and me.  And I am back to being the biggest dog in the house.  I hope I never see that dog again.
Pocket:  Can’t wait until Neely comes back in April.


  1. I must agree- mommys lap is off limits here too.
    nitey nite

  2. It's bad enuf I have to share my momma wif Finley - don't even make me think bout havin to share wif another dog.

  3. Hmmmmmm, seems like you had two dogs visiting.

  4. LOL well sharing is caring. Till next time. Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  5. Glad that your Mom's Lap...being OFF LIMITS ... was respected...
    WHEW... Now we know how SARGE feels when we go to His house.

  6. We understand. We don't want any cute rivals to come into our home.

  7. Wow, lots of different emotions about your guest? At least dad was willing to lose a lip to keep peace!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  8. Momma laughed and laughed, but we three pugs felt your pain. Mom's lap is only mine, well and sometimes gussie and sometimes a little maggies, but mostly mine.
    stella rose


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