Sunday, September 21, 2014

Dogs Dealing With Time are Our Pups of the Week

I am going to allow give you another secret about Rainbow Bridge.  There is no time here, no clocks, no days.  Since we are here for eternity there is no need to get anything done by a certain point.  When there are millions of tomorrows putting things off until then doesn’t seem to be a big deal.
But on the mortal side of the Bridge Time is a constant companion.  One that never stops moving:  It keeps going, at the same madingley steady pace, and when you stop paying attention, or even if you are paying the closest attention possible, this companion  known as Time steals what you love until the day comes when it’s cold hand reaches for you, and sends you to me, and your loved ones, here on the immortal side of life.
No matter how much you search for solitude you will never be alone because Time is always there, and with each methodical step a grain of your life slips away.  Sometimes, when you are walking alone at night, you hear it’s footfalls.  Sometimes when you are sitting alone you feel it’s cold presence pass near you and sometimes you see it, just out of the corner of you.
When a pup you love starts getting older, a bit slower, a bit grayer, or worse, sicker,  Time walks a bit closer to you and you become more aware of him.  You want to reach over, grab Time, make him stop but you can’t, he keeps looking straight ahead, taking the same measured step stealing those special moments you need to treasure.
I think there is nothing harder than knowing that Time is near, and you so want to stop it, so you have more time.  But Time keeps moving, and the days are getting shorter, the sun is setting earlier, and the end is in sight.
Time becomes your enemy.  You hate it, because with each step Time inches closer to taking your beloved.  “Stop,” you want to scream.  “Show some compassion, show kindness, just give a moment, one moment when I know you aren’t there.”  But Time shows no emotion, no empathy, until He runs out.
Humans on the mortal side of life say they do thing to pass the Time, but you can never pass Time, never get ahead of it, you do things to ignore Time, to hush those fateful footsteps, to keep him out of the corner of your eye.  We must all find ways to ignore Time, if not it will drive us all quite mad.
My only advice to you from my lofty perch at the Bridge is to not walk in step with Time, but to run, to dance, to enjoy Time, even when it’s running out.  Stop for a minute, to hug and hold your pup while Time keeps going.  You can’t stop Time, all you can do is enjoy it’s passage.
Enjoy every second with those you love and soldier on when Time takes what you love, until what he takes reunites one day again.


  1. So true. And we want to add that peeps need to do lots with their pups!

  2. Wise words and so true. We need to treasure very moment. Have a marvellous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. Thanks for the reminder....often we forget and take precious time for granted.

  4. Ah this was another great post, we could picture TIME all the TIME wesa was a reading this, some TIMES momma just wants to choke time by the neck until he is no more, but then she realizes she could do some time for that. Hugs
    Stella Rose

  5. WOW this kind of put a damper on things. Turn that darn hour glass over ~ I want reruns.
    Thanks for being a friend
    Sweet William The Scot


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