Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The answer is River by River Song

I have read so many sad blogs about pups who have passed to the Bridge.  Sometimes this question is asked:  W hat does a broken hearted pup parent have to do to feel better? For my Mom the answer was simple.  River Song.

When Foley went to the Bridge my Mom was crushed.  Foley’s love for her was like a huge skyscraper, and when Foley left that skyscraper collapsed leaving a big void in her heart.  And there was no way to rebuild the Foley skyscraper.  Her heart would be in ruins forever.

Mommy always enjoyed the Brussels Griffons at the groomers.  She asked if the groomers knew of any breeders, and she was told that I had recently had a litter and my current owner was looking for a new home for me.    Even though Mommy wasn’t ready for a dog, she decided to take me.  As soon a she saw me she fell in love, and I began building a new skyscraper of love in her heart.

But there was trouble building it.  You see while Mommy loved me she began to feel guilty.  Was it right to love me so much so soon after Foley’s passing?   Foley would come down and visit Mommy in her dreams and tell her that she was very happy that Mommy found a new puppy and she should put away those thoughts of guilt.

But still Mommy had those bad feelings that she was being disloyal to Foley.  I think lots of parents go through this.  They can’t help feeling that they are replacing a soul they loved with all their heart with another, and they should hold that love in reserve.  But nothing is further from the truth.

First, there are lots of dogs out there that need wonderful Moms.  For you wonderful Moms who are living every moment with a giant hole in your chest I know it is so hard for you to think about taking another dog into your house,  but out there tonight is a dog who needs a great Mom like you, who is living without love.  You won’t fix the large structure broken in your heart, but reaching out to this dog, bringing the pup home, and being the wonderful dog Mom you are to this pup will do you both a world of good.

That part of your heart broken by your loss will never be fixed.  It’s like having your home leveled by a tornado and your belongings lost.  You will build a new home, you will get new belongings, and you will treasure new things, but you will never get back what you lost.

My Mom has a new home, and it’s named River Song.  


  1. Well said. Glad you found your mom and she found you!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley
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  2. So true. That hole in our Mom's hearts will never go away because those who left took a part of it with them. But lucky that Mom's have BIG hearts because they can make room for another.

  3. New pups help build new skyscrapers.....slightly different, but help fill the hole.

  4. Our mom feels like your posts are speaking right to her. Thank you
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Angel Greta

  5. PeeEs - your comment today on our blog made mom laugh out loud - thank you for that too

  6. We went back and read about Foley again and cried again. Losing a beloved furry is so hard. But such wonderful memories! :)

  7. Well put, and although we never get over the loss we try make room in our hearts to make sure others are loved to if we can. Lovely sentiment. Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  8. Thank you. Am printing this out and saving it for when I need those comforting words. The heartache, guilt, and emptiness I feel when I think I need to "wait a while" before getting another dog is horrendous. I walk around like a zombie. Maybe this will help.

  9. Thank you for speaking from your heart