Tuesday, May 19, 2015

River Tries to Disappear Down Her Own Rabbit Hole

There are times in life a dog just needs to disappear:  When it is crate time, bath time, tooth brushing time, it’s disappearing time  We have, not including bathrooms and laundry, four rooms, two of which are blocked by closed doors, so places to hide are difficult to come by.  I have discovered a place but haven’t been able to get inside.
When my parents come to get me I stand, put my head down, lift my stubby tail and walk in circles.  It took my parents a while to figure out that I was trying to disappear up my own butt hole.
I have come close several times.  I can get my nose to it (this is easier when I am sitting down but I don’t have the momentum to get up there if I am sitting.)  But I am just not long enough to get inside my own butt.
Someday I hope to do so and once I do my parents won’t be able to take me where I don’t want to be. and be safe.
I told Pocket, who is not nearly as bendy as I am, about my plan. She reminded me that while I am quite clever I am also impulsive and often leap into things. like my own butt hole, without an exit strategy which, in this instance would require me to back out of my butt.
Entering my butt seems quite easy but backing out of it seems quite difficult momentum wise, agility wise, and otherwise.   And I don’t think my ribs give me enough room to turn around inside myself.
Still, I hate the crate, and having my teeth brushed, so, until I think of something else, shoving myself up my own butt is the only answer.
I better bring a lighter so I can see.


  1. If you decide to try it make sure you get video BOL!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  2. goodness, those are some interesting places to hide!

  3. Oh my! I agree, interesting places! LOL

  4. We have never thought of that as a hiding place, it deserves some thought for sure.
    stella rose


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