Friday, May 8, 2015

Tails From Rainbow Bridge: A Vist with Fella

My minions have been failing me lately.  My inbox is full but I am never presented with a question to answer and the minons are falling behind on my grooming needs.  So I have stopped them from poking into my inbox and have changed my Friday blog to reporting on what my friends here at Rainbow Bridge are doing.

This week I checked on my old friend Fella.  He is the older brother of Hattie Mae and Jackie Lynn.  He came to the Bridge shortly after I did and was the first dog I swore in.  Waiting for him was his brother in law Sage and Sage’s Mom Jackie.  Together they opened the Bridge’s first worm farm.

Fella spends a lot of time working on the work farm now.  He enjoys living with Sage but dodged question about living with Jackie, who he referred to as the “Mother in Law” with an eye roll.  I am not sure if his Bride Saffon has joined Fella at the Bridge.  If she did she did not come through my district.  When I asked Fella if Saffron was there he told me a gentleman doesn't kiss and tell then went back to hoeing the ground where his worms were growing.

He told me that he splits time with his other siblings at the Bridge checking in on his Mom.  “I am not happy that she still make those outfits for Hattie,” Fella said while separating his worms with the hoe.  “I know her body hurts. But she does love dressing Hattie and Jackie up and they do a great job posing for her.  Me?  I wasn’t much of a model.  I tried to model for Mom but was no match for my sisters.  I was like that Bruce Jenner guy but I like my man parts, at least what was left of them.”

We reflected on our days at the old DS when his pack was chased away by  a pack of bad dog.  “ Being the only male in the pack I really wanted to go out there and fight the bad dogs but Hattie and my sister Smartie wouldn’t let me go and Saffron begged me not to get involved so I didn’t.  But when your Mom is threatened it is a boy’s dog’s duty to step up and fight.”

I left Fella to his farming but he wanted his Mom to know that all her angels visit her when they can in different forms, usually with wings, and visit her in her dreams, even  if she can’t remember the visits,  and that they will always love her.


  1. This is lovely. Thanks! Our family still misses Pip everyday - it has been about 18 months now. Sometimes when little unexpected things happen we call it a Pippy miracle. If you see Pip, tell him we miss him line crazy!

  2. We have a worm farm....we think we may have sent a few worms to Fella.

  3. Crikey ...... I'd like to work on a farm ..... wonder what I'll do when I go to the Bridge!! Fella sounds happy, aye??

  4. Hi Fella - Reba's Mom here. it's good to see your sweet face again. Wow you sure are stylin' in that outfit! Not quite sure what style it is but you're lookin' good.

  5. Nice to hear news back from the Bridge.

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley


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